Latest Releases 16/04/2021

Bagaski - Final

About to dive in but sounds like the usual See Blue Audio ambient fare with additional hints of ‘lo-fi, exotica, vaporwave, synth noise, cold wave electronics and experimental soundscapes’.


Think I’ll add Succour era Seefeel (the noisier bits) and Eric Holm to that description too. Really propelling stuff.

Technically came out yesterday but the new Foxing tune is really great.

Cheers! Really pleased with the whole aesthetic

Yeah this is a cool shift from SBA - clearly it’s the synthwave season!

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New Cities Aviv…

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Greta Van Fleet are amazing. I love their work esp. for climate change.

Hahahaha oh Jesus no.

I’ve been talking to a friend on Messenger this morning who says with a straight face this album is actually good, “especially tracks 9 and 10 though there’s another which is Self Esteem II”

People eh.

Still, the only way is up after Cruisin’ California (Bumpin’ In My Trunk)

This is excellent, cheers Neil!

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Ross Harley (formerly of the excellent YCNI:M) has a solo album out today:

Honestly, I’m not so sure about that. It seems like they’ve just switched from being obnoxious chads to obnoxious incels:

The lyrical highlight is probably: “If you won’t love me, will you hate me? If you won’t violate me, will you at least just aggravate me?”, which I’m pretty sure is a Confucius quote.

Nabbed the last cassette of Glimmer too. Used to be a bit against dead formats, for my own sake really, but I’ve grown on the idea of having a little collection of micro edition tapes. Curse my collector instinct.


Solo project from JOHN drummer. Resident records album of the week.

Good and noisy so far.

And thank God I can Google their name this time!

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Well, I had a go and it didn’t work.

Can anyone with a bit more brainpower than me today tell me how to embed a bandcamp thing? I went to share/embed and get a wordpress or some html but neither seem to be doing the trick.

amazing new Bongo Joe’s comp - these guys are putting out some brilliant stuff.

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I am vibing to some very good indie pop.

Just copy and paste the website link, it should show like the two posts below yours

I’ve listened to The Armed four times today.