Latest Releases 16/04/2021

Jeff Rosenstock has a new one out!


But it’s No Dream done again as… ska



Good morning everyone!

Brockhampton, Skullcrusher, Damon Locks were the top recs, what did you all dig this week?

(Just a quick bit of admin before the poll. Totally don’t expect anyone to do this, because I decided to do this off my own back for the hell of it and don’t want to be an imposition on anyone else… but IF you want to help me out and make the process a bit quicker, it helps a lot if you put the artist and release name in your post as well as any links, and it helps even more if it’s in the format “Artist Name - Album/EP Name”. Thanks everyone who already does this!)

  • 58918012 - The Land EP
  • AJ Tracey - Flu Game
  • Alaskan Tapes - For Us Alone
  • Andy Stott - Never The Right Time
  • Asta Hiroki - Entropy
  • Autogramm - No Rules
  • Bagaski - Final
  • Benedikt - Balcony Dream
  • Cities Aviv - The Crashing Sound of How It Goes
  • Conway the Machine - La Maquina
  • Cory Hanson - Pale Horse Rider
  • Crown - The End of All Things
  • Drongo - 1
  • Francois Bruet - Flux Flou De La Foule
  • Garage A Trois - Calm Down Cologne
  • Greta Van Fleet - The Battle at Garden’s Gate
  • Hobbes - Aranath
  • Howie Lee - Birdy Island
  • Jakob Mind - The One Who Got Away
  • Jon Hopkins - Piano Versions
  • Lea Bertucci - A Visible Length of Light
  • Leonidas & Hobbes called Aranath -
  • London Grammer - Californian Soil
  • Low Island - If You Could Have It All Again
  • Misty Coast - When I Fall From The Sky
  • Motorpsycho - Kingdom of Oblivion
  • Nasty Cherry - The Movie
  • Natural Information Society - descension (Out of Our Constrictions)
  • Nick Hakim & Roy Nathanson - Small Things
  • Noods - Blush
  • Oh The Humanity! - Oh The Humanity!
  • Orange and Mountains - Drawers
  • Ross Harley - Daddy Clean
  • Sasha and the Valentines - So You Think You Found Love?
  • Sharon Van Etten - epic Ten
  • Son Lux - Tomorrows III
  • Spectral Wound - A Diabolic Thirst
  • Spencer Krug - Fading Graffiti
  • Sufjan Stevens - Lamentations
  • Syna So Pro - CHILL/HYPE
  • The Armed - ULTRAPOP
  • The Offspring - Let The Bad Times Roll
  • Total Wkts - No Holiday
  • Various Artists - FUTUR ANTÉRIEUR : Bongo Joe 5 Years
  • Violet Mist - Prophecy 2096
  • Vladislav Delay - Rakka II
  • Zoe - Sonidos De Karmatica Resonancia

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This is so great. Weird how the vocals of the first track remind me of some of the better bits of Shaking The Habitual.

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First time in a while I’ve not voted. Even the ones I was looking forward to didn’t really grab me. Roll on tomorrow!


Missed this at the time but just checked this out as it placed highly in the Quietus’ mid-year list and it is indeed an enjoyable record.

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