Latex Pillows

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I think it was Theo who turned me on to latex pillows and on the back of this I bought the 80 quid Dunlopillo one at the end of last year (I think I was done as I’ve found it cheaper online since- but still, it is spendy). Although my sleep quality is largely determined by whether or not (most often not) my child is sleeping well, I can honestly say that I noticed a positive difference to my sleep quality and my health (allergies, sinus stuff) v quickly.

Over the last week I have had my magic pillow in my little one’s bed because he has wanted me in bed to comfort him at bedtime, and it is very comfy, and I prefer it to his kiddy pillows. He has fallen asleep on my pillow and I’ve not had the heart to move him, so he has been sleeping on my pillow. This may be coincidence but for the last few nights he has slept solidly for 10/11 hours, only waking at 6am because he needs to pee. This is literally unheard of in his 2.5 years. Meanwhile I have been using a standard pillow and despite several nights of full and unbroken sleep, I feel like shit.

I am obviously going to let him continue with my pillow since it seems to be working well for him, but I need a new one for myself and I don’t want to spend big bucks. Are the ones which are around 30-40 quid just as good as the dunlopillo?

Anybody got any recommendations?

Sorry for the v boring thread.


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I am also in the market for some new pillows

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I dunno about latex pillows but I but a couple of dunlopillos last year and then got ill and almost immediately sweated them into destruction and had to bin them. Upsetting.

Latex Pillows :ballot_box_with_check:
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I really thought it was going to be the Emperor’s new clothes, but I bloody love that pillow now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sorry for the triggering thread :kissing_heart:

might get in on this
always looking for quick fixes for my shit health

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I’ve sweated like mad into my one and it’s never had any issues. What the hell, man? They have a 5 year guarantee so you should have been able to get them replaced gratis.

UP, very glad to know you love yer Dunlopillo and I’m not sure about the cheaper ones, sorry. An expensive luxury it’s true but what else can be done?

Mine were non latex.

There’s your problem.


What’s the crack with latex pillows then? Do they have the same feel as memory foam ones? I can only sleep with feather/down pillows. Going to treat myself to the best one going for Christmas I think but I’m intrigued by these latex chaps.

i’m ALL ABOUT latex pillows. will never go back.

even got a solid latex mattress. it’s amazing.

So are we talking about this, right?



yes I think that’s the one I got.

It feels a bit like firm but slightly wobbly jelly. That’s the best description I can think of. You don’t get stuck in the groove formed by the foam, as you do in memory foam. It’s much more malleable.

Ah cheers. Malleability is my number one requirement in a pillow (hence the need for feathers at present) so that’s encouraging but concerned about this:

I’ll head up to John Lewis and take one for a test I reckon.