Latitude 2017

Setting their stall out early with a trio of main stage headliners all of whom I would go out of my way to avoid…

That said, I’ve always thought that Latitude was much more about the range of performing arts options on offer (I am sort of actually serious about this) and sure enough, it is already shaping up elsewhere on the bill to tick my white middle class man flat white/£6 toast boxes…

Anyone planning on going? Last year was probably one of my favourite festivals ever, so I’m inclined to try and recapture the magic…

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We live in the North East of Scotland, so it’s practically the farthest festival for us to attend, and yet we’ve been to 3 of the last 4. Including last year’s which was superb.

In that time we’ve only watched two headliners in full - Kraftwerk and New Order, we gave Damon Albarn about five songs before getting a bit bored and ignored all the rest.

As you say, this year’s headliners are universally rubbish (and why on earth put Fleet Foxes above John Cale?) but there’s always plenty more really good stuff on.

It’s unlikely we’ll make it down this year, but still keeping an eye on other announcements just in case.

The 1975 AND Mumford & Sons banjo? Two absolute DiS Favourites

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I can understand the other two headlining, but Fleet Foxes? Especially when you’ve got bands like Goldfrapp and The Divine Comedy lower down the bill, bands who have actual hits that actual people know.
Maybe I’ve got Fleet Foxes all wrong, I hope they do well and everyone enjoys them.

Going back to EOTR this year. Although Latitude last year was, yeah, one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to.

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With regards Fleet Foxes, I guess them being back is supposedly a big deal. Plus, Latitude has always had a policy of promoting artists who have played previous years up the billing (like having Foals and The Maccabees headlining previously).

Also, loads of people will have left by the Sunday headliner so it’s not actually that prime a slot…