Latitude 2018


Crikey, bit shite that.

I’ve been the last couple of years, really like it so i’ll Prob go this year as well, although it would be a bonus if the bands were good.

DiS slating a line up with Japandroids, Trail of Dead and Mogwai, blimey


Same here, except we couldn’t resist New Order headlining on the Sunday night two years ago. Otherwise we’ve always been in a tent at the end of the night. Soulwax were great and John Hegley was excellent in a packed poetry tent after New Order finished.

I know…wonder if it’s Rag and Bone Man that’s the problem?

Had forgotten about New Order two years ago :+1: Annoyingly we had to head on the Sunday evening as my mum was looking after our youngest (only just one at the time so a bit young for festivaling), but I can imagine they would be a great act to close out the main stage for the weekend.

First time I ever saw New Order live was headlining the Saturday night of Reading shortly after Republic came out :open_mouth:

It was great, but sadly it was identical to the televised Glasto appearance a fortnight before…but that’s the way it is now. Headliners don’t get to be spontaneous!

My second time seeing them too. The first time was at Oxegen when they were on the second stage. Nearly everyone went to see the Foo Fighters so it was a small but great crowd.

lol Bungay mate get it right

they don’t sell festival tickets but


I think New Order probs the last band I’ll ever have seen at Latitude after years of going regularly. We saw Black Mountain in the woods and they were really good. Finished in time for us to get a curry and sit watching New Order’s last few songs. Enjoyed that year a lot, but it was clearly sliding away from what made it good. We’d already resolved not to go again on the Friday, had a nice time and that but it was just a completely different vibe to when we started going.

We went in 2013, 2014 and 2016, enjoyed them all but 2014’s weather was a bit rubbish!

The Thursday night is always a magical experience somehow - it’s just great to walk through the woods to the bridge over the lake.

Saturday night is pretty horrible by comparison as everyone seems a bit drunk or tired!

Seriously thinking of going again, but will wait out the bill for a bit.

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With the exception of Saturday night (when all the non-mugs watched Robyn + Royksopp and not Damon Albarn) it didn’t ever really rain. Day times were all blazing sunshine from what I remember. I’ve never really seen miserable weather there, but it did get stupidly muddy in 2012

Yes, I should have said specifically that our tent had a rip in it and we ended up sleeping in the car that night. We spent the thunderstorm in the poetry tent, started out with Damon Albarn but started falling asleep by the third song :smiley:

The whole ripped tent car sleeping scenario sounds like ultimate nightmare, I feel for 2014 you.

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Bunch more stuff added to the line up (The Orielles :+1:)…

The comedy is looking very strong, as per usual. Also, Ed Milliband :open_mouth:

Didn’t go last year, but have heard the literature tent and outdoor theatre got replaced. Line-up seems to confirm this with some kind of “Speakeasy” instead of more choice…

Anyone know?

Looks like I’ll be covering this for DiS this year, line-up is pretty good when you mostly ignore the main stage:

Parquet Courts
Alex Cameron (I guess The Killers by extension as he’ll probably join them too)
Jon Hopkins
The Breeders
Trail of Dead
Lower Slaughter
Nelson Can
Spinning Coin
Belle & Sebastian (I guess)

Plenty of stuff to keep me going anyway

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A bunch more performing arts stuff added today (shut up, it’s a nice way to spend those afternoon hours):

Plus day by day splits:

Bunch more music added to the line-up:

On a personal note, pleased with Lee Scratch Perry/Mad Professor set, Stealing Sheep and The Go! Team - all lovely stuff :+1: