Latitude 2018


think i’m going to this now. excited for mogwai, breeders and jon hopkins.

mini dis meat, anyone?


intae it


No more music, but a bunch more comedy/performing arts stuff added :+1:


I don’t watch Britain’s Got Talent, but this guy is playing Latitude :+1:


Final line up additions in:

Only just over a week to go - hopefully this weather holds.

Anyone got any thoughts of the secret set that they’re bigging up? Given that previous ones have included Ed Sheeran and Thom Yorke they seem to be suggesting that they’ve got another big name sorted…


heard rumours its Beck


I’m getting a lot of web adverts for this. Are they struggling to flog tickets?


username/post interface?


App’s out with full schedule, no major clashes for me other than Superorganism, Nelson Can and Idles all playing during the World Cup Final, will make a call on that at the time (kinda depends who is playing innit)


This is the longest of long shots but if anyone is driving back to London after the Friday, let me know.


Beck’s on tour in the States.

My money is on Iggy Pop.


Oh, hello this weekend’s weather…



Bit of a long shot but anyone driving to/from Norwich?


No chat? we all dead or something?

I had a very nice weekend. I was genuinely both surprised and impressed by Liam Gallagher as the secret set, he was actually… good?!


(when he was playing Oasis songs obviously, don’t give a shit about his solo stuff)


hello! :wave: was nice to meet you briefly after mogwai :slight_smile:

i had a good time - saw the headliners in the bbc music tent each night, plus the breeders on saturday, all of whom were very good.

spent quite a bit of the daytimes bouncing around watching stand-up, but also saw my sad captains and black midi in the sunrise arena and they were both good fun. not on board with how young everybody is these days, though. jesus.

on the last day i took my mum to see adam buxton doing bug and she’s decided she really likes him, so that’s one of my greatest accomplishments of recent times.

just about managed to clear all the dust out of my various orifices - had a sore throat all weekend cos there was so much of it flying around…


tell me about it, was very appropriate that Parquet Courts played ‘Dust’.


I’m currently writing up my full-length review so will save most of this for that, but:

Best: Trail of Dead, Solange, Alex Cameron, Parquet Courts, The Breeders, Mogwai, Idles, Jon Hopkins.

Worst: Preoccupations :frowning:




Good weekend :+1:

Different kind of vibe taking both kids for the first time (and apologies to @howtobealone for not even attempting to meet up) but still managed to see loads of good stuff.

Camped in the family field which meant that early doors every day we were down at The Enchanted Garden where Offspring I & II got to do circus skills, handle spiders and reptiles, hoola-hoop and make crafty bits. Was all good fun.

Usually managed to placate them with some comedy in the afternoon and got to see Simon Evans, Shappi Khorsandi, Harry Hill, Dylan Moran and David O’Doherty among others. Lots of swearing in the comedy tent which passed completely without comment from the kids which was amusing.

Catching bands was a mix of bits and pieces until they got bored, or full acts where they enjoyed them/finally fell asleep. Caught Charlatans (competent), James (shit crowd full of wankers), Nadine Shah (great) and Solange (also great) on the first evening. Next couple of days caught at least some of Belle & Sebastian, The Breeders, The Orielles, Superorganism, Sleeper, Wolf Alice and Alt-J. The kids’ favourites were Tune-Yards, who they both absolutely loved, and a band called Pip Blom who we caught in passing that they both rocked out to. My favourite act was probably Stealing Sheep’s Suffragette Tribute, but then again I am a massive hand-wringing lefty probably (shame that there was only a crowd of about 100 people to witness it). Nice folk horror undertones though…

Only saw one real performing arts piece which was The Pappy Show presents BOYS which was pretty good.

Weather was actually so nice it was a bit challenging at times. Trying to keep the tent cool, kids hydrated and at least occasionally in some shade was a lot of work. Shouldn’t complain though - I’ve come back with a better tan than after a week in Greece earlier this year :sunglasses: