Latitude 2023

NGL, excited for Pulp…

Is Latitude sponsored by Radio 2 these days?


I’m going for the first time next year, booked in the presale. Even as a 50 year old, much of the main stage lineup is always far too MOR for me. But then every year I look at the full programme and realise there would always be something I want to see across the bill at any time. If the main stage lineup was representative of the entire bill it definitely wouldn’t be for me, but I guess we can only be in a single place at once!


I don’t think I’ve been to Latitude for about 10 years now and had some good times there. Does seem to me though that whereas the big names used to be very much 6 music aligned they are now booking more mainstream acts to appeal to a bigger audience. The undercard will no doubt be decent and as you say with a bit of stage hopping you will always find something good, but Pulp aside the last place I’d want to be late in the evenings is anywhere near the main stage

Yeah, there’s definitely been a big shift. The year I went, admittedly 10 years ago, it was (from memory) Foals, Bloc Party, Hot Chip, Kraftwerk, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cat Power, Yo La Tengo, The Maccabees etc at the top of the main stage, and interesting stuff scattered across the lower stages. It was still very middle class and genteel ofc, but felt like a fantastic lineup and good value for money, whereas now I think I’d have a good time but I’d be worried about always having stuff to see.

Also genuinely had no idea Paolo Nutini was such a big draw these days.


I’m intrigued to go there and see different stuff to what I normally do, a lot of the spoken word things, comedy etc. Looking forward to it. No intention of watching the two main stage headliners that aren’t Pulp. But there’s Metronomy and Young Fathers already on the bill too, so I’m sure there will still be plenty of music I want to see.

Just to complete the “I’m now old” experience, and on account of, erm, real life happenings, I’ve treated me and the TV to the Latitude Luxury camping experience too. Yeah, I know.


It’s a nice site to roam about when there’s gaps in your schedule, too.

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Wow, that’s a fucking shit line-up

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What are The Kooks doing all the way up there? Fuck that.

Yeah, they’re another band I’ll be missing. But I was at the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth last year and was amazed by how many people were still into them.

Does Latitude normally sell out?

Also what is the deal with day tickets? Looks like they went on sale in March this year, is that the norm?

Don’t think it usually sells out, although I’d imagine day tickets for the Pulp day will.

This is a huge announcement for me personally having seen Siouxsie exactly once before at Reading in 1993…

Also @Sgreen - day ticket info in ^there also :+1:


Can I move this thread to the Festivals board? It will make it easier to find and will still appear on the main Music board feed.

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Word :+1:

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Thanks! Have they announced which day Pulp are playing?

Don’t think there’s any day split info yet…

Actually, I stand corrected - they have, they are just not on their website for some reason (got these from today’s email)…

Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 12.54.46
Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 12.55.06
Screenshot 2022-12-16 at 12.54.56

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Comedy lineup has been announced and is great. Also, can watch Young Fathers and Siouxsie when Paolo Nutini and George Ezra are playing.

Indeed - line-up filling out nicely now :+1:

That Friday run of Georgia - Confidence Man - Metronomy - Pulp is going to be one hell of a party…

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