Latitude Festival 2020

So far, so Latitudey…

Will be continuing my now tradition of skipping the Saturday night headliner. Aside from that, promising start. They book artists over such a long period that it always ends up being a great line up every year :+1:

Lots of good stuff on there.

Ibibo sound machine should be great on the main stage. Thought the festival circuit missed a trick not having them this year, such a fun live show.

Enjoy Haim at Latitude festival

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Thanks m9!

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Looks like a standard latitude lineup. Some good stuff on the undercard.

First time I saw them was main stage at latitude - but they were 1st on so it was very quiet. They were still great though

Not convinced that James Vincent McMorrow exists outside of Latitude festival.


If I’d bought an early bird ticket before any announcement and then saw Phoebe Bridges and The Chemical Brothers on there I’d be pretty pleased with myself right now

I read this as Phoebe Waller-Bridge when I first saw the poster. Must admit to being a little disappoint when I realised…

Mad that the line up was really good for one year in 2017

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Dont think the circuit did miss them this year, I saw them at Glastonbury and I think they did a couple of other places too

And 2013 and 2014 and 2015

Fair. Easily missed on that glastonbury lineup and didn’t see them on others!

If they have Charli as an alternative to Liam G then I could definitely say that I would have a very good time at this festival.

Same as most years, I’m not that excited by most of the line up, but once all of the stages are filled in (and bearing in mind you can only be in one place at a time) you’re spoiled for choice.

That said, you can’t go wrong ending a festival with The Chemical Brothers.

Last year, Snow Patrol were initial Saturday headliners, being replaced late on by Stereophonics. Pretty unispiring stuff.

However, it turns out that they actually put them on around 8ish, presumably so that the daytrippers could watch and get home, before actually closing the main stage with Underworld. Who were bloody brilliant - hopefully they do something similar with our Liam on early this year.

I used the campsite showers during Stereophonics - no queues :+1:


they played bluedot :slight_smile:

Glastonbury stuck them on one of the little stages no bugger goes to, they were excellent though. Went from them to Hot Chip with only a rum-swigging brisk walk in between, what a night.

Think this might be my fallback if I don’t get a Glastonbury ticket. Reckon I could have a fun and relaxed time with what’s on here already. Got a little something for everyone.

Haim will be touring off the back of what is shaping up to be a superb 3rd album too so they’ll almost certainly bring down the house. Charli XCX probably headlining Saturday or Sunday because I don’t think they’d put them on same time.

The Lumineers are still that big?! :grimacing: