Latitude Festival 2021

Not going to Latitude but the news that First Aid Kit plan to be playing in the UK next year makes me a lil hopeful. They can headline Green Man if one of the planned ones from this year doesn’t come back for 2021

Going ahead at regular capacity apparently…

New lineup is out and I think it is a good as you could hope for under the circumstances.

Melvin seems confident it will happen (it is his job to say that). I will be happy to dance in a field with 35k others.

We got tickets a couple of months ago so really pleased. Cautiously optimistic with a large side of realism.

Looks alright, that. Given the pool of people they could pick from there’s a decent amount of stuff I’d watch.

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That is waaaaay better than I was hoping for - loads I’d watch there :+1:

And also Jess Phillips MP…

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Yeah I feared that it was going to be a bit shite but there looks like there will be some clashes to navigate.

Remember Bastille? They’re back, in reorchestrated form

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Just noticed that Snow Patrol have gone. This, along with Lewis Capaldi being dropped from the original announcement, is pretty personally devastating - not going anymore…

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No first aid kit either. Lewis capaldi and snow patrol aren’t my jam, but it is a shame for you if they were acts that you were looking forward too. For me the lineup is stronger now than last year but it’s horses for courses.

Chems aside, the main stage is a horror show. BBC sounds looks pretty great however. Would be happy here.

If Latitude wasn’t practically the entire length of the UK away from me I’d be going for sure. Lots of good stuff there and headliners have massively improved…not that I often went to see the main stage headliners in the past.

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Sure I’ve said this before but I swear James Vincent McMorrow doesn’t exist outside the Latitude lineup.


You have indeed, and they were therefore the exact words that ran through my head when I saw that he was on the line-up :grinning:

Spoiler alert…they were not :+1:

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Jess Phillips mp…

Just what?

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Who wouldn’t want to see Jess Phillips MP?!?

Spolier alert…not Jess Phillips MP, that’s who.

Kinda the same with John Osborne - or you could certainly say there would never be a Latitude line-up without him!

About 50/50 on this going ahead currently :thinking:

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More acts added so I guess that’s promising :thinking:

I think Melvin has negotiated with the Govt. that if it all goes tits up nationally, they’ll make Latitude a ‘test event’ - nice that you have the corporate clout to make that happen.

I’m pleased for anyone with a ticket, having enjoyed four Latitudes, but somewhat selfishly cross that it’ll be another case of the Tories picking and choosing which events they have any interest in saving/supporting. I mean, if they’re managing to allow 140000 to attend the British Grand Prix with no doubt its usual litany of A list ‘stars’ and the rich and famous, why oh why do I still have no idea if Green Man festival can occur over a month later…?

Same old, same old :triumph:


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