Latitude Festival 2022

Agree with ^this - I never end up seeing half the stuff I earmark, and it’s not like it’s even an enormous site to navigate like Glastonbury.

Was going to say that I usually find the headliners a bit underwhelming, but then remembered that I’ve enjoyed Solange, Wolf Alice and Lana del Rey headline slots in the past few years. Plus the Chemical Brothers Saturday headline last year which was MASSIVE in every sense of the word…

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Few more names added plus first look at the running orders…

Was initially super excited by that run of Self Esteem - Caroline Polacheck - Phoebe Bridgers but then realised it clashed with Lewis Capaldi. What to do :thinking:

Mdou Moctar and Rina on the main stage before (possibly in the sun, who knows?) would be ace too.

More acts announced. Non music stuff shaping up nicely…

From the new music acts, personally looking forward to TV Priest, Nova Twins and Crack Cloud.

After how much everyone on here who has just seen them tour has been enjoying it, definitely looking forward to this :+1:

Charlotte Church’s Late Night Pop Dungeon :open_mouth:

This is the only festival thread that’s currently not also on the festival board, is there a reason it can’t be moved? It will still also show up on the music forum.

@moderators :+1:

Sad how far this festival has fallen.

Is it? Lineup looks pretty good… Except for them squeezing literally all their best bands onto the Friday evening.

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I dunno I think it’s really dropped off in terms of quality over the past decade or so. Comparing these three line ups its quite evident that its not the festival it used to be. I’m sure it still is very appealing for a lot of people but feels a lot more generic these days

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Yeah it seems to have dropped off a bit and aims for a bit more middle of the road crowd, but I still think they reliably put on a decent lineup even if they’re not doing the kind of stuff they were back then. I still look at it every year and see really interesting bookings and feel like I’d be able to have a great time there. Rina Sawayama > Self Esteem > Caroline Polachek > Phoebe Bridgers is honestly probably the best continuous run of artists I can see on a UK lineup this year (would be fucking fuming to have to miss Modest Mouse and Melt Yourself Down for it).

I think the market changing around them and them having to adapt to it might be the biggest factor. There’s more players in the indie festival scene than there was 10 years ago. Just through geography APE are better placed to go for the indie dweebs and Latitude are better off titling towards the families looking for a cross between Centre Parcs and a festival.

Check out how Longitude went


There’s plenty I’d see on that bill, but add in the other stages with the talks, plays and comedy and I can definitely make a good weekend from that. We’re going for the first time next year. But then, I’ll also be 50 next year so maybe there is that.

App and running orders now available:

Final lineup too…

Roll call. Who’s going to be there this weekend? I’m really looking forward to it. Thank goodness it’ll be cooler than the last few days.

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Present :raised_hand:

Genuinely don’t know what we’d have done if the weather had been like earlier this week :grimacing:

Fortunately, looking pretty nice instead…

Screenshot 2022-07-20 at 17.28.14

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Yeah agree, looks hot on Sunday but the rest should be perfect. Nearly done on the packing. Should be a fun weekend.

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Caroline are playing the theatre stage. Saturday 17:55, if anyone hasn’t seen

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Definitely planning on catching these guys :+1: