Laughing Stock music email (jag)


Long (long!) time lurker, occassional contributor here.

I’ve started a fornightly music email with a few mates because beyond interviews, album reviews and the occasional ‘this album is 10 years old’ write up, we thought there wasn’t much in depth music writing around that isn’t tied to releases. We wanted a place where people could write about pretty much any music related topic they wanted in a engaging and interesting way, without the constraints of it having to be ‘about now’ necessarily. Plus we all just like writing and wanted a bit of an outlet for that too. We’ve had 4 editions so far covering:

Dua Lipa and the new UK pop vanguard
Arctic Monkeys and quantitative easing
Music as muscle memory in dementia patients
Why organ music is so damn good

There’s a new one out tomorrow, so if anyone is interested and fancies giving us a subscribe to get it in your inbox from now on, you can sign up at
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We’re always looking for more contributors, so if you want a bit of a platform to write about pretty much anything music wise that interests you, let me know (can DM on Twitter/Insta). We’re not making any money out of it or anything, and it’s not like it’s going to thousands of people (yes haha), we’re just looking for interesting points of views and great writing to feature. We are thinking of compling all the writing every 6 mths in a zine to distribute locally (around Manchester and East London), we haven’t got that far yet though…

Thanks for reading!