laughing until your face hurts thread

when was the last time you laughed until your face hurt?

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  • very recently
  • a while ago, now
  • I don’t feel pain in the face

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what was the reason for the laughter?

I was talking to my friend about nightmares yesterday evening and he said he didn’t get them any more but when he was a child he had recurrng nightmares about ‘hot pipes’. that caused me to LUMFH. I thought ‘wow, it’s been a while since I LUMFH’.

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Almost daily tbh, mostly at stuff the kids say.

The bit at the beginning of the LEGO Batman Movie where the air traffic controller says “Well, as long as they’re best friends”


I’ve heard that kids say the funniest things

Think it was watching this


It’s true. I can’t even repeat some of them cause it wouldn’t be fair on them but a lot of the time it comes from just playing around with words, so we leave the house to go to school the other day, say “love you” to M and R and then G starts saying “Love you R, pum pum. You’re a love pum. You’re a love pump. PUMP! R is a love pump. LOVE PUMP! LOVE PUMP! LOVE PUMP!” all the way down the street.

They’re 6 and have no idea what they’re saying (I think)

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I adopted my fluffy boy Tanuki when he was about three months old. It had been many years since I had dealt with kitten shenanigans and, after a week of them, I decided he needed a little friend. Enter Hypatia, history’s greatest girl cat.

Tanuki hated her. This trespassing, usurping, interloper in his house! The very nerve! How you dare! He waged constant battle… and lost every one of them. She tricked him into banging his head under shelves. She tricked him into falling off everything. She tricked him into running into walls.

One day, he decided to hide in one of the paper bags I put out for them, from which he might stage an ambush. This is how that worked out for him:

I laughed so hard that I dropped my camera and the batteries fell out, which is why there is no video of the resulting World War Kitten.


sometime in june, which is not within the last 10-12 days

can someone double-check this? @thewarn ?

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this is correct currently, but may not be in future.

Or indeed, the past.

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while this is both funny and sweet I can’t say it is funnier than finding out my pal spent their childhood deathly afraid of hot pipes.

in this case people in their late 20s say the funniest things imho


Whenever I spend time with my little sister😊


…just remembered the whole Justin Casablancas thing as well

And this

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Oh I clicked a while ago but I actually think it was a couple of days ago watching the blooper reel from the latest series of Stath Lets Flats. Admittedly I was deliriously tired too.

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