I’m bad at it I feel. Post-childhood I can count the times I’ve laughed uncontrollably on one hand… I find things funny all the time but just don’t naturally laugh out loud. I do laugh out loud deliberately when in company as I believe it’s important to show appreciation. This gives laughter for me a performative aspect, which has tainted my views on people with elaborate laughter styles - part of me just feels like they are putting it on. Does anyone else experience this? Love to hear your thoughts guys.

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Yep I agree.

Not laughed so much it hurts since… well I don’t know when.

It depends if youre with people I think. If im watching stuff alone , unless its hysterical then I rarely laugh out loud even if I find it funny ( did laugh out loud at a bit on Curb yesterday though)

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Is there something wrong with us, or is it the world that’s at fault?

Psychological fact that laughter is more about interaction with other people. We naturally laugh more when we are in company. One of my measures of a good comedy film is if I laugh when I am watching it on my own.

I laugh a lot, on my own, via text and with people… I love a good dirty old man laugh. When texting with my friends if I type “haha” into my phone the predictive text automatically tries to change it to “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” :confused: haaa, jeezo. Maybe over doing it a bit.


Tried it once. Didn’t enjoy it.

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Declined since I stopped smoking pot, definitely.

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How deliberate is all this laughter?

I remember laughing so much I could hardly breathe watching things like Reeves and Mortimer when I was growing up. Don’t laugh like that much anymore, not sure if it’s because my older more jaded self doesn’t find things as funny as I once did. Did have a good laugh watching Lego Batman the other week though.


I always have a good laugh with my friends and my immediate family. Proper howling laughter at times. I rarely laugh when I’m watching something on my own but the lack of a social elements is to blame there.

As in fake laughter?

Maybe you need funnier friends/family.

I think I laugh too much

laugh out loud to myself sometimes, on my own. at my own jokes.

i’m great.


My tv accuses me of having a fake laugh.

I find I imitate laughs after being in the company of someone with a distinctive laugh

I titter when I’m alone, and chortle in company.

Belly laughs are few and far between, though.

I think I laugh a lot. Due to my bleak existence and poor life choices I try to make humour out of literally everything, which I’m pretty sure must be incredibly annoying to everyone else. Fuck it.

I even snigger out loud sometimes reading this bloody forum, prompting questions I am unable to answer in the workplace.

Live love laugh mates

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I cackle out loud from reading this forum. You are all lots of funnies.