Laughter Tracks



What was the point where these stopped being normal?

Weird how old comedy stuff seems so much shitter now because it has a laughter track even though it was the norm back then.



The Office…


you could hire yourself out as a live laugh track. Always funnier watching stuff with someone else who’s laughing


Just audible ^thises


You’d need one of those contagious laughs though, would be shit if it was Jimmy Carr or something with you


Usually an audience isn’t it? Not canned laughter and canned laughter is what I assume you mean by laughter track.


Seems incredibly out of place in I’m Alan Partridge


Canned or live I don’t give ashit


I don’t like it when people are critical of laughter in TV shows that are literally filmed in front of a laughing audience. I also think there is a real talent in dealing with that laughter in comedic performances.


People like maosm.


awwww give @ma0sm a break he isn’t used to hearing laughter when delivering comedy


I like people like ma0sm


Just not him.


No, I like ma0sm


If memory serves the League of Gentlemen dropped the laugh track for the third series. A load of people then complained it was too dark and stopped watching.


People like maosm


That’s very nice of you to say Tone, I like you too.

I would also like to point out that I also like balonz & stickboy.


I like Balonz and Stickboy as well


See when things that normally have a studio audience go outside but there’s still laughter? What’s going on there, just the video being played to a studio audience?


I like that Monty Python sketch about “now we’re on film” when they go to external shots and “now we’re on video” for internal stuff.