Laura Dern was only 26 when Jurassic Park was filmed


Can you believe THIS is what the baby in the sun in teletubbies looks like now


Sam Neil was 17!


The baby from the Teletubbies is the actor who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones! You know nothing @Aggpass!

Sorry mate, I don’t watch that dragon porn shite

Chill out @Epimer

might start a thread about GoT being not too bad, but no better than that and with zero rewatchability potential


I’ve not seen an episode but I’d definitely wade into that thread pretending to have some pretty strongly held beliefs

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Yeah sure, my main issue was just that Laura Dern does not seem 26 in Jurassic Park.

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Only interesting thing about this is the fact that the Now! compilations are still using the same design as they were when we kids. What was the first one they cranked that shit out on, Now 12 or something?

Are you just ancient and in denial though?

I’m still in denial that my nephew is 20. He’s clearly still 6.

quick presis (presis the presis)

season one - tits
season two - less tits, more beards
season three - can’t even remember
season four - beards
season five - dragon nonsense
season six - who knows!

I saw one with Seinfeld, that did make me feel really old, but I guess it was because Jason Alexander was actually young but has always looked like a middle aged man.

How old would you say she seems?

At least early 30s.

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It’s called acting, dear boy

She’s very good at it!

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I horrified some teenage girls I was teaching a little while ago. They were singing the Thong Song and I casually said “oh that came out when I was a teenager, I didn’t realise it was still kind of around” and they looked at me in horror and said “Miss! You can’t be that old”. Turns out I was two years younger than her mum.

Even the youngest Hanson brother is older than you.

Wouldn’t this make you feel young?