Laura Keunsberg must be the least interesting person in Britain


Dicsuss, counter-nominate, etc


I was going to dig up that post about Firewire or whatever it was, but Theo’s cunningly excluded himself by emigrating to Australia.


Also, Matt Baker.


I was going to also make the thread include an option for the most interesting person in Britain as well


make your own thread.


What about the most averagely interesting person in Britain. Maybe Dominik Diamond?


then we can have a “Antpocalypsenow’s thread about the most interesting person in Britain must be the least interesting thread about the least/most interesting person in Britain in Britain” thread


I reckon some cunt we’ve not heard of


Sheep farmer, competitive youth gymnast, Blue Peter presenter, mum’s favourite - I think Matt would have a great yarn or two to share.


I don’t think that’s something that the community really needs


Nice sheep punning, mate


plus he merked Cameron


Yeah but you’d be bored out of your fucking mind within seconds of him telling any of them.


I’m just saying that we could


You could at least have spelled her name correctly.


he’d be telling you about farms and blue peter. you’d be telling him about bowels and CCGS. I’m not sure he’s getting the raw end here


the least i could do is much much less than that let me tell you.


Big Bruce Springsteen fan as well


I think it’s probably Phil Spencer


Sheer genius, would you say?