Laura Marling

Never really understood the hype. Never been a fan. Give me the name of one track of hers to change my mind.

I really like I Speak Because I Can (song and album) but found her others forgettable.

i quite liked the first two albums but haven’t kept up with her at all. My Manic & I is a good song. so is Devil’s Spoke. that’s two sorry.


Her single False Hope is really good but sadly seemed to be a blip in that album. The first single from her new one sounded quite different so if it’s like the album I’ll probably pick that one up.

Maybe try New Romantic or Shopia, also the first few songs on Once I Was an Eagle are nice.

What I’m sensing from this thread is that most people think she’s alright, not bad etc. Nobody is really saying wow! She’s amazing!

As mentioned previously, New Romantic is the one for me, especially this performance. Only 17 at the time. The way in which she doesn’t look up for the whole song just gets me every time. Probably not her “best” song though.

I think she’s very special, and has got better and better with each album, but I’ve always understood why others may not agree.

She’s shit

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She’s quality. Went to see her at Celtic Connections a few weeks ago. See this:

and this new song:

Her music might not be to your taste but her talent isn’t in question IMO.

Try her latest track “Wild Fire”. I’ve quite liked her ever since the “My Manic and I” EP but her last two records have really seen her grow into something pretty special.

If you don’t like the new stuff then go listen to something else?

UR shit.

Saved These Words

Just listening to her new one through now. Really like it, seems like she’s cleared up enough of her accent-hopping issues for it not to bother me. Great little instrumental touches throughout.

Saw her live last night. Didn’t think I liked her before listening to her music in the run up, but that latest album of hers is fantastic!

I really love her, one of my fav new artists from the last 10 or so years. For me she’s just so consistently good and has very bad tracks or albums, so I never think to bring her up or say how much i like her. She’s just regularly, reliably very good - but not different or exciting or novel


rarely has very bad tracks or albums*, can’t edit right even on new-DiS

new laura marling, with yer man from tunng


That track is great. They’re playing Oslo and Rough Trade East in June.

It’s a banger!

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Another new one - I’ve liked every album she’s put out but this project seems to have pushed her into some very welcome new directions.

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