Lauren Jade - New Music Releases

Hi there,

I am a singer from the UK, I have been singing since I was a child. I taught my self to sing by imitating the voices of popular/famous artists at the time, such as Beyonce and Rihanna, from there I developed my own voice though focused on cover songs until recently.

I started writing my own music a short while ago and was able to work with a producer who made music specifically for me. Below I have two examples of releases I have made, which were written and sung by my self and produced by my friend JayRams.

Please take a look and give me feedback :slight_smile: If you’d like to comment/like/share videos on my YouTube and Subscribe to my channel for future releases, please do so!

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Lauren Jade - Sorry (Piano/Ballad) - Prod by JayRams (Written for/about my children)

Lauren Jade - Dream Come True (Pop/Dance) - Prod by JayRams

JayRams has a personal SoundCloud of which he uses to showcase various pieces of his work.

Any one? :slight_smile:

@discobot fortune is usually the go to guy for this sort of thing. What do you think pal, this any cop?

:crystal_ball: Without a doubt

High praise indeed, ol’ discobot doesn’t hand out positive feedback too often.

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