Lauren Laverne

She’s a really good presenter eh?


Yes she is and the breakfast slot suits her really well.


I’m also very happy that she’s the presenter of Desert Island Discs.

EDIT : not because I particularly like DID, I just like that there’s a North East accent on a Radio 4 mainstay and she’s very very good at it.


I’ve started to think she won Britpop, in the long run. If you accept Kenickie were Britpop. Really pleased she’s got DID full time anyway.


Love Lauren :heart:

Been catching up on DID while wfh.

My grandad was from the north east so nice to hear the accent on radio.

I used to be a bit on the fence about her 6 Music show (whilst generally liking her as a presenter of other things) but I’ve grown to really like it and I think she’s been brilliant during the lockdown. That sense of community that radio can give has been really valuable and she is the best at that. She has the tone just right I think.


She was stood in the queue behind me, waiting to collect tickets at a Delgados gig once. She was with someone who was probably her sister, judging by the resemblance. That’s my interesting fact for the day.

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I just love her so much.


I think she is wonderful for radio. Her warmth and personality are ace.


Pretty much agree with this. Has stepped up and been superb over the lockdown.

But does anyone need Cerys on a Sunday?

I think Cerys is a great broadcaster - fantastic voice and a really good interviewer- but I just don’t connect with 80% of the music she plays. I think that show would be better on Radio 2 really.


An absolute gem. I’m glad that everyone seems to be coming round to this opinion. There were some utterly vile things written about her a few months back.

I’ve only had one interaction with her, quite a few years ago. Sent a brief email asking if she’d play a particular band. Didn’t expect a reply. Got a lovely and very funny response, which went way beyond the “yes, OK” that would have done.

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I really like Cerys’ show. Find it a nice Sunday start. Don’t connect with everything she plays, but have found a few songs I’ve grown to love through it.

Very much appreciating being able to listen to Lauren Laverne. Usually out of the door before she gets on. Was a massive Kenickie fan as a teenager. Glad she’s still in the public eye.

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Lauren Laverne is great, love her.


There’s definitely a place for more jazz, blues, ‘roots’ music (horrible term but you know what I mean) and world music on 6 music but Cerys just always seems to find the blandest, most middle of the road examples of any genre. Iggy Pop goes into similar areas but always finds the most thrilling examples. It is a shame because as I said earlier I think she’s an excellent broadcaster- there have been some really fascinating interviews on her show.

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This. She seems lovely. Great voice and really warm manner but I get very little from her playlist.

Yeah, I think she has a wonderful voice for radio and does come across as genuinely warm, but I just find it odd that her show and music choices seem jammed into that Sunday slot when the music doesnt fit with the flow of the day. I’d raise your 80% to about 95%.
It’s all personal tastes I suppose.

Yeah, fair enough. I think it probably is the bits of her chatting with others that I enjoy the most. Never actually listened to Iggy Pop’s shows on 6 music. Might have a listen on iPlayer this afternoon.

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I find most of her guests insufferable to be honest. I travelled the Middle East for three months came home and wrote a cook book about it types.

Kim Gordon sat in for him last week which I’ve been meaning to listen back to

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