Lauryn Hill

Doing a 20th anniversary tour for Miseducation…

23 November - Glasgow - SSE Hydro

26 November - Manchester - Manchester Arena

27 November - Birmingham - Birmingham Arena

30 November - Dublin - 3Arena

3 December - London - O2 Arena

Are we allowed to like her? Was she massively racist or something?

Would prefer some new material tbh tbf…

Not guilty.

An apocryphal quote from 1996—in which it was asserted that Hill once said she’d rather her children starve than have white people buy her albums—has lingered in many corners. Hill addressed that controversy around the time of Miseducation:

A couple of years ago some kid had heard that I’d said that I didn’t want white people to buy my records, and that really, really hurt me a great deal because I like to think my music is really universal,” she told MTV in 1998. “And I’ve been everywhere and I have fans everywhere, but because of some rumor that, you know—some radio personality chose to say on his radio show, he had a bunch of people believing something that they’d never seen or never heard themselves but just heard a rumor.”

That was circulating at my school around the same time one of Kenan and Kel had died.

Good. In which case, I love that album, and I enjoyed The Score. And Sister Act 2. I’ve a lot of time for the work of Lauryn Hill.


Is it trruuuueeee?

Meh, no different from any other Lauryn Hill tour I wouldn’t go to. She only has one album ffs, so every show is a tribute to it. Plus everyone says she shows up two hours late and is massively disappointing anyway.

Had the small hope there was a new album announced when this thread popped up. Bah

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See, it’s hard for me to really like this record because it sort of fell between generations for me and was mainstream enough for my parents and mates’ parents to like.

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I only found out fairly recently that Stuart Zender played bass on ‘Miseducation…’.

When you hear it, it makes perfect sense.

how have I only seen this now