Lawncare: The Thread

also this one is annoyingly huge. My other little one was absolutely fine but I wanted more didn’t I? Bigger, better, destroyer of lawns

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gardens are about appreciating the beauty of nature through ruthless containment though. A real taste of the perfectly managed outdoors! whoah will you breathe that in!

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You could say you wanted mower and mower!

I’ll get me coat.

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Clover is notoriously difficult to get rid of. If you’re really bothered by it (i don’t mind it) you could try overseeding but that will probably just reduce the amount of clover rather than completely get rid of it

Currently in the process of returning the ruined central bit of earth in our garden to being a lawn.

Carted away umpteen sacks of soil to the top at the weekend, then dug over what was left. Need to break it all up, then recompress it so we can order some turf and lay that.

I want to do a bit of soil enrichment, but my GF just wants to whack the turf down.

I’m also waiting for some wet weather so I can hire a roller and get rid of the small bumps caused by soil settlement issues.

I like cutting my lawn in stripes. Do you?

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  • Something about being a Tory

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So, our new house has a sizeable-ish (60ft or so? Maybe a bit more?) lawn, which I have to maintain. Got a Bosch battery mower which seems fine, except for when I experimentally put it to its lowest setting and hacked an awful strip out, turns out the middle height is fine.

Some unknown cat keeps shitting up the end of it, what’s best for keeping a cat away?

I find as long as it is cut regularly it all looks okish. Just looks worse when really long and you can see the clover and dandelions more. Should have pulled the whole lot out when we moved in as basically more dandelions than anything.

Buy a dog! hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


You can get a powder stuff as a repellant or you can set bottles of water on the lawn at that side.

Recently switched to a cordless mower and it’s an absolute gamechanger. No more hooking myself round the neck with the cable. So much quicker too…

We had one of ^these growing up - full five forward gears plus reverse jobby. My dad let me mow the lawn from the age of eight - one time I lost control and completely demolished the lawn/patio set. Good times :+1:


My folks only ever had one of the classic analogues. Hated it. Absolute chore.


I would love this to happen with my lawn but I feel bad about removing green space from my property.

Had one of these at the last place we had a (tiny) lawn, even then it was shit and inefficient, and woe betide you if you tired to use it on anything longer than about 5mm.

We have a front and back one. Hate both of them either let it grown or tarmac them. Fuck the cutting bollocks.

Save it Thursday etc.

Not on lawnbook, but when I am, I like to mow mine using the a couple of times round the edge to clear turning space, then stripes up and down method.

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Yep, took me hours, even with decent tunes it was the absolute pits.

Hate lawns. Hate the concept of lawns. Hate my specific lawn. Pave it over and turn it into a skate park imo

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We struggled with this, but it’s been shit since we moved in (drains badly, gets little sun), so after 3 years of trying to improve it we’ve finally given up. The garden’s small and the grass was pretty much unusable (including for the child to play on) in anything other than a long dry spell. We’re going for paving, gravel, two raised beds and a few pots in the hope that a) it’ll look good, and b) not be a massive ball ache. The only kicker is that in a moment of weakness we promised the kid a small trampoline when the garden’s done and she has very much not forgotten this.

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