Laziness causing you pain

Inspired by @anon29812515 eating sandwiches over the sink to save cleaning/washing up, in the last few days I have:

Cut up fruit with a bread knife as I was too lazy to get a decent one and the bread knife was already out
Had a wee sitting on a the cold ceramic toilet rim as I cba to put the seat down
Sat on the drive with my windscreen wipers on full for three minutes to de ice the screen rather than scraping it for one.

How 'bouts you?



I know. Why do I do it to myself??

I always tug on cables instead of getting up to get the thing I need and end up breaking things.

Leave it, epimer.

You’ve met men, right?

One of my teeths hurts. Gonna make an appointment to do something about it soon.


More than one!

:scream: :scream: :scream:

Just like to say that I don’t really do this!

All my previous jobs and my current one


Currently watching lip sync battles cos i xant be bothered to leave the living room

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Dunno what I’m meant to be going for here. Gif of Fred Durst wanking off Vince Cable? Seems a bit niche.

Went out in the deep snow in my sandals to put out the bins because they were the closest

I said leave it!!!

Fortunately i was wearing socks

Sometimes do the opposite. Wake up needing a piss and go back to sleep. When the alarm goes of It’s a sprint

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Sometimes I eat an apple core just to save me going to the bin.


your male family members must have much better aim than any man i’ve ever spent time with

  • Straight into the water
  • Angled off the bowl
  • Don’t care

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