Lazy Sunday thread - What would your Mastermind topic be?



I’d struggle with mine…jack of a few topics…master(mind) of none…I could have a stab at the history of Nintendo (with some research…plus I need to buy a Switch, donations welcome) but I’d probably have to go for something without much content so…Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

Now you


The Life and Works of Jerome Allen Seinfeld

really annoys me when people go on and do a tv series that has like two seasons or something. big whoop.


Genuine respect for anyone who picks a proper topic that isn’t popular culture


One season, actually


The simpsons or alan partridge


History of Fender guitars, though would need to do lots of boning up.


The history of cycling’s “Monuments”. I’d fail spectacularly, but it’s a good subject


Applied for Mastermind last year and had to pick 4 potential subjects. Mine were The Thick Of It, The US Office, Plymouth Argyle in the 90s and Belle and Sebastian. When I did my face to face interview/test they told me that if I got through to be on TV then I’d be doing The Office cause there was a good range of questions they could ask and nobody had done it before. I didn’t get through but it would still be that now I guess.
TLDR; The US Office, cheers.


Embarrassingly I think I might have the best chance with the Scream Quadrilogy :scream:


Absolutely no need to be embarrassed…I should have marked this thread as a safe place for any form of nerdiness


Haha, nah, I just wish It was something a bit more… erm… brainy :joy: and less trashy.

Actually… I suppose you could chuck the tv series in there too. Not that this makes it any less bad :smiley:




Championship Manager 2000/2001.


The Flaming Lips.


The Office



i’d win as well.


The sherlock holmes stories of “big” sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Listening to the Stephen fry audio books at the moment has made me realise how I know most of them by heart anyway


Foley alts 2006-2017


really dont know what I would choose

most of my interests and passions dont really fit into mastermindable topics

would probably just choose something I like then study it a lot


my friend went on it and actually already did Belle and Sebastian, despite not really liking them that much. She wanted to do Bearsuit but it was too obscure.