LC! I Broke Up In Amarante

Up on Spotify…

ahhhhhh can’t wait to hear this!

well, that was okay

Solid if a bit unspectacular. Happy to have more Los Campesinos though! Still quite excited to hear the new album.

read this as ‘LC! broke up’. disappointing thread.


they really are hated on here, no idea why. Proper music, proper haircuts, proper lyrics, proper properness.

If it disappointed you that they haven’t broken up, I’m glad you’re dissapointed!


Yusssss. Will listen to it and in a minute!

that’s my feeling about it after a couple of listens

Did expect this to be a video of an onstage meltdown in wherever Amarante is.

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Saw they’re playing the Koko next May. FUCK THAT.

Album details:

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and tour:

04-27 Liverpool, England - Arts Centre
04-28 Glasgow, Scotland - Stereo
04-29 Sheffield, England - Queens Social Club
04-30 Newcastle, England - The Cluny
05-01 London, England - Koko
05-05 Brighton, England - The Haunt
05-06 Norwich, England - Arts Centre
05-07 Birmingham, England - Hare & Hound

I’ll be going to the Cluny!

Not blown away but it’s a solid tune, excited for the album and will absolutely be at the Stereo show! Last time they played there was one of the highlights of the year for me.

They were so much fun last time they played Queen’s Social Club.

I like the new track.

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Like the new song. Especially the intro. Looking forward to the December show.

I like the cover

ooh i like queens, might come and see them in sheff since theres no manchester date






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