LCD Soundsystem


not listened to them much in years but this is fucking stellar


Yes, I’m also back on board with this one. Good album, just managed to acquire a ticket for the Manchester Sunday show.


They’re doing a 2hr set at the whp on sat from 12-2 :+1:

Last entry is at 9 so I’ll be a captive audience for joe goddard doing his somehow-more-boring-than-hot-chip solo shite :-1:

Fucking hate the whp


Somehow more boring than Hot Chip…

I ought to backhand you for implying Hot Chip are boring.


yes, he should have just came out and said it


last entry at 9??? jfc


hot chip are boring





Can’t actually find confirmation of this, have you seen it on the WHP site or something?

Desperately hoping that’s wrong. Stuck in a room for 3 hours with overpriced shitey drinks and music I’m not particularly interested in. Let me just see the band I’ve bought a ticket to see ffs


just what everyone’s saying on the event fb page but it’s what happened last time i went


Says so on RA. I’d check your ticket though


Last entry at 21:00 for an event that starts at 21:00 seems fairly unlikely


that’s the whp for you :man_shrugging:


Fabric always puts ludicrously early entry times on their tickets that they don’t enforce. Crowd control I guess, and I’d hazard a guess that they won’t enforce that curfew, but it’s completely dickish to have it in the first place


Not very fond of this album overall but I really love the title track and Oh Baby, both will end up amongst my favourite LCD songs I think. Kind of wish I was going on Saturday.


seems like (SPOILER) they aren’t doing more than 3 tracks from the album at these shows.


Feel very similarly after 10-15 listens, hoping it’ll still grow on me, but at this point feel it’s waaaaay behind Sound of Silver and S/T.

Doesn’t have anything as bad as This Is Happening’s low points (Somebody’s Calling Me, One Touch), so maybe in time I’ll rank it higher than that album. But at this point only American Dream would contend for a spot in my top 10 LCD tracks, I’d probably struggle to put another in the top 20

Edit: maybe Oh Baby or Call the Police might get in my top 20


Bit silly this


I’m fine with that tbh