LCD Soundsystem


Really like the new album, and there’s a few songs I’d love to see - How Do You Sleep? especially

But, having never seen them before, really really happy just to see a career-spanning best of.

Would happily go see them again doing more new stuff if they toured again in the next year.


4-5 generally. Looking forward to the Sunday show - @ a normal gig time !


Fabric’s tickets work slightly differently - the tickets are valid all night but they only give priority (queuejump) entry before 1am.


I feel like the songs on the new album are really good but a lot of the album sounds really muddy :frowning: which may make it my least fav LCD release to date


Maybe it hasn’t grown on me yet, totes going to give it more listens, because there are some choons here.


Love How Do You Sleep?.


The production is my only real question mark over the album tbh, love it otherwise. Not really sure it was the right call to make it sound so grubby. Guess it’s an attempt to marry the more expansive Talking Heads kind of production of This is Happening with the edgier sound of the debut but I’m not sure they’ve nailed it. Some of the songs don’t quite come to life.


I just wish more popped out at me like those distorted guitars on some of those songs… they sound great. But the drums, lead synths and bass often get lost in the mix. I think your right with their goal in the production but I don’t think they hit the mark.


Think this is why I’m not getting on with it so much. The main appeal with them for me is how clean everything sounds and how you can hear each individual layer building up in their stuff, like you can choose to listen to All My Friends and just focus on nothing but that piano intro for the whole thing and still be able to pick it out cleanly throughout.

Muddy production = bad and lazy IMO.


Maybe I just don’t have the ear for this, or never had good enough speakers/headphones to appreciate great mixing, but it all sounds pretty crisp to me. How Do You Sleep?, especially, is one of the best-sounding things I’ve heard all year. Everything really lands


The thing about speakers/headphone set up’s is that the mix might play to your audio set ups strengths so it sounds great :slight_smile: Deffo not the case for mine sadly :frowning:


Has anyone got the vinyl? The difference between digital and that on sound of silver is mental.

Still reckon he’s mic’ing everything and engineering it beautifully tbh


That might be of interest to anyone going to either of the Barras shows next week. I can’t wait, haven’t been so confident that a gig is going to be properly 10/10 in ages.


Yeah, I have the vinyl and would say that the production is one of the highlights of this album so surprised to hear that people are not getting on with it so well :no_mouth:


Yeah it’s properly thunderous in places but super crisp when it needs to be as well.


I’m used to their albums sounding a certain way so that might be why, hopefully, it grows on me :+1:


If anyone wants two tickets for Glasgow on Tuesday, keep an eye on Twickets, because I’ve just submitted two spare ones on there and once they’re approved they’ll go on sale (probably quite soon).


Well that was fast, sold already.




Was that you?!