LCD Soundsystem


Was a bit worried when How do you Sleep started a bit Stonehenge, need not have feared, love the album, especially the 1st and last tracks.

Although, does anyone elses ears go a bit funny in the last 3rd of Black Screen? Almost like they are equalising in pressure? Never happened to me before when listening to a track.


Bloody incredible last night. Sound quality decent, LOUD, on it and a well-paced, well-selected setlist.

Setlist spoilers: The new album stuff - especially Tonight - sounded great. Bit disappointed not to get American Dream or How Do You Sleep? but holding out hope I’ll get another chance in 2018. Finally seeing Someone Great, Home, All My Friends, Get Innocuous was everything I’d hoped for. Forgot what bangers Movement and Tribulations are too

Was dreading Warehouse Project a bit, but actually thought it was a good setting. Can see it being a bit detached being at the back, but the narrow-ish room made it feel pretty intimate from the middle/front. Underground tunnel even made me feel better about missing them back at the Blank Canvas in… 2005? Was actually well up for it come midnight, crowd around me were a decent balance of people having fun and not being idiots with space.

Murphy not being aggressive or OTT but politely calling out people taking photos and throwing their limbs about was pretty much what everyone on stage with a microphone at a gig like that should do. Put an end to potential ruiners

Ridiculously jealous of people going to the Barrowlands. Less so Alexandra Palace / London gig crowds, but this set will be good anywhere.


Going tonight, £5 a can? Any decent bars in the near vicinity ? unsure whether I’m that fussed about Joe Goddard.


Seems to be tons of choice around Piccadilly. The tap just outside the station is good.

Drinks pretty awful in there - Coors or Grolsch cans for a fiver.


Ah is this a real thing? :frowning: thought I’d just been unlucky with the small handful of London gigs I’ve been to. Got tickets for AP because WHP sold out by the time I got on the website, but it looks really easily to get spares atm. Can’t complain though, trip to the smoke, favourite band, new songs. It’s all good.


Walking in the centre of London you’d think the crowds would be so energetic considering they have the energy to barge people out of the way all day and run 5000 mph for a train that arrives every 2 minutes but I guess day to day living knackers em out.


Fucking talking loudly, barging around the crowd and general rudeness have been my experiences. Got really pissed off at Massive Attack last year because I moved twice to avoid talkers and just ended up with worse pricks in the new spots, but didn’t want to keep moving around all night. One arsehole talking on the phone for about 3 songs of the set and kept shouting “WHAT?”, how fucking stupid/ignorant can you be? Common theme of every London gig is clap and cheer as loud as humanly possible at the end of every song, even if you’ve talked loudly all the way through the song itself, and the band isn’t done so you’re just drowning out an outro. Reached peak during Black Lake at Bjork at Hammersmith, which drops to near silence a couple of times during the song, loads clapping and whooping each time, get the fucking message, wait until the song is finished goddamn you.


Definitely a thing in my experience. Think it’s more of a common thing there to pay £30 for a band you’re half interested in and treat it like you’re at a bar to chat to your mates and be semi-engaged with a band as background music. Find this especially weird for gigs that sell out in a morning but it happens

Seen bands on the same tour in London and, say, Leeds or Glasgow and northern legs have always been better.


Always assumed that was a myth perpetuated by those people who, in lieu of having any personality make a big deal of that fact that they’re from the north and are better in every respect than soft arses from the south. Or at least the more low-level ones who go on like London is a foreign country.


I used to think it was a thing but then I lived in London for a bit so now I just think everyone’s a wank tbh


Extra tickets for Glasgow on sale!


yeah that was dead good wasnt it. we ended up going standing by the sound desk again coz it was so tight at the front. its quite a thing when a band can leave out some big hitters like daft punk, north american scum, losing my edge, but still have a killer set. what a band


Got this mail today about this weekends gigs at Ally Pally.

I haven’t seen this kind of thing before?



It’s a fairly normal measure to stop touting but usually only for mega gigs (Kate Bush etc)


Radiohead have done this on the last couple of tours and I think The National are doing it currently. Anti-touting measure although it’s usually announced before the tickets go on sale?


I saw a message like that when buying my Glasgow tickets. When I sold a couple of spare ones on twickets the other day, there was a section saying the organisers of the gig needed my name in order for me to sell them, I assume that was so someone else could use tickets with my name on them (maybe the people on the door will have a list of allowed names or something).



Gig is tonite tonite tonite tonite tonite tonite :heart_eyes:


Seeing the bastards on Friday. 'Cited.


It’s grown on me

I adjusted my speaker positioning and it sounds a lot better now :smiley::+1:

Fault was on my end after all