LCD Soundsystem


Canny wait for the morrow night!

Have a blast tonight paisan :+1:


The new album’s really grown on me but fucking hell, that dreadful artwork means I will never ever purchase a copy on vinyl.


I’ve read that the cover might be influenced by David Foster Wallace. I like it a lot more after reading that



Barras was incredible. Just perfect.


First time at the Barrowlands. Absolutely incredible gig…


Flippin’ amazing! What a band, what a venue




I’d recommend just avoiding the thread until then Ic-Smic. If people want to rave about the setlist then let them!




Revel in their joy afterwards! I don’t mind seeing what they’re playing, it allows me to live vicariously through everyone!


This is now the setlist.FM thread


The barras is the absolute fucking best venue :+1:


Same here. Fucking brilliant venue, brilliant gig.


oh mannnn

fuxxake PAT


Get Innocuous is a monolithic tune, fair play. I can only imagine how good that is as a set opener.


Yeah yeah good for you you’ve all seen LCD :cry:


I’m not going to lie. I’m struggling to think of a more incredible gig that I’ve attended. The barras last night was unbelievable. I’ve been going to gigs for over twenty years and I’ve never seen a band and crowd so up for it.

I hate gushing as you end up sounding like a total fan boy, which I’m not, but as far as that size of gig goes it was utterly perfect. And I was driving.


Fucking amazing ma man, fucking amazing.
The barras is the best venue in the world and they’re a perfect band for it.
Last night I was about as content as I can possibly get :grinning:


It really was special.


It was amazing, about half way through me and my bro gave each other a big hug cos we were so fucking happy :grinning::+1: