LCD Soundsystem


Gonna mute this now :joy:


Going to lose my shit when they play emo hair


Cant really ever remember seeing such universal acclaim for a tour before. Or maybe I just dont pay enough attention, but after every show people are raving. Cannot wait for Saturday.


Who is going tonight then?

Like this post if you are I guess.


Anywhere good for a drink nearby before?


Who is going tomorrow?




more tickets available fyi. Just got one


Starting Gate by AP rail station is okay, but gets ridiculously busy when shows are on. If you are coming from the other side there is a really good Wetherspoons in Muswell Hill. Both a 10-15 minute walk to the venue.


got a spare for AP tomorrow, face value, if anybody needs one


Home from Ally Pally.






Another desperate post : please pm me if you have a ticket for Dublin Dublin


Joint gig of the year with Arcade Fire at York Hall. Tribulations/Movement/Yeah, and Dance Yrself Clean/All My Friends were just out-of-this world.


Absolutely incredible. A massive start with Get Innocuous, knew it was gonna be a banger from that moment. You Wanted A Hit into Tribulations was epic. The crowd somehow giving me space to throw shapes during Losing Me Edge. Such a massive night. No fun getting back to Chatham from there though. Urgh!


What were the stage times at Ally P last night? Going tonite, can’t wait!


Joe Goddard was around 8, LCD at 9. Worth catching Joe if you can, thought he was really good as well


Yeah, dead good that. Encore was incredible and that middle section of Tribulations, Movement and Yeah stealing the show aside. Lagged a bit during a couple of the “slow-jams” but I’m not so into those tracks by them anyway. The euphoric highs more than made up for them.


Cheers dude.


Did they finish at 11?