LCD Soundsystem


Yeah bang on. He kept going on about how strict the curfew was in fact.


Does he still point at Pat and say “This is Pat”?


Is Dance Yrself Clean one of the best live tunes going?

Thought Tonite cemented itself amongst the LCD classics last night. Call the Police sounded great also


They had a big digital clock at the side of the stage that counted down 2 hrs from when they started. wondered if it was their own, or if the venue provided it.


He does


They had that at Manchester so presumably their own.


Such a fucking awesome track


Shit the bed that was so ridiculously good. I love them.


It was brilliant.

The crowd were awful tho. I had to tell a man to shut the fuck up because he was loudly screaming other songs (the start of you can call me al he seemed to enjoy a lot) over the start of their songs. Totally ruined the start of You Wanted A Hit cause he was screaming “I’m too sexy for my shirt” so I snapped and he fucked off.


Yeah I had to tell some blokes to shut the fuck up on Friday as well. Best part of sixty quid to yell into your mate’s earhole from point blank range. Knobheads.




Fucking hell


They had the clock at Glastonbury. Never seen a band have one so visible before - must help them though.

Friday was great. Not a fan of the venue but got a good spot front right.

‘Tonight’ the stand out of the new ones. ‘yeah’ track of the night. Joe Goddard a great support.

Also didn’t know about Gavin until the gig. She looked cool as.


I had someone lighting up next to me and a dick shining the light on his phone at most of the crowd right in my eye line for roughly half the gig. Still didn’t detract too much though.


The crowd were great where we were, really into it. Pleasantly surprised because London. Only grief we had was when we had to quickly leave due to the wife having crippling stomach cramps and some people wouldn’t let us through. When leaving the crowd. It was all sorted by the wife having a crap, and it was easier going back in than it was leaving. Final two tracks were incredible.


Oh god


A picture my mate John took on Saturday. If you weren’t supposed to be there but are obviously there, let me know and i’ll delete it. Maybe.


I was there on Saturday and had a bloody grand time. Best live band going, I reckon, just brilliant the whole way through. I don’t remember them being anything like this good for the 2 pre-breakup shows I saw, but don’t know if that was just young me being shit or them having got better. 4 new songs were fantastic, in all honesty I could happily have watched them play that new album in its entirety. Seeing them do Home was a bit of white whale for me, massive song that I’ve never seen them play before, so that made me very happy. Yr City’s A Sucker was unexpectedly brilliant, saw they’d been playing it on some dates for this tour and hoped they’d leave it out, but with hindsight I’m really happy to have got it, even at the expense of summat like Losing My Edge or North American Scum.

Found the London crowd to be a really nice bunch, great atmos where I was all the way through. Ended up going on my own, which I was initially pretty depressed about, but then that went away after I got there and ended up chatting to a couple of different very sound groups throughout the course of the night, and a very nice woman even looked up how I could get back to where I was staying, because I stupidly came out with a dead phone in an unfamiliar city.


just got back from the first Dublin show. first time seeing them and they sounded fantastic.

Olympia is a great venue too, though there were quite a few chatty people near the back where we were which irritated me a little bit until we ended up a little bit forward during the encore (also despite being one of the only venues with a sloped floor to give you a good view from anywhere i had the poor luck of being stuck behind a group of tall bastards for ages)

didn’t see a clock, maybe they didn’t have room for it or it was at an angle i couldn’t see. enjoyed Murphy gradually handing bits of his drums off to a roadie between songs towards the end.


That encore…