LCD Soundsystem


yeah pretty spectacular.

i should say that while people were a bit chatty near me, the deafening cheering between songs was quite heartwarming


I like the albums a lot but they fall a bit flat live IMO.

Yeah and Ally Pally is the worst.

I was there at the break up gig with hot chip (? 2011) and recently at the last Maccabees gig. No tokens is good now but the bar and organisation was a shit show. Marginal improvement.


They’re a far better live band now then they ever were the first time round, I reckon.


Fair enough. I haven’t seen them since 2011 so I’ll give them a go next tour whenever that is!


member of LCD gets annoyed when the Irish PM won’t approach him because he is wearing a pro-choice tote bag around his neck.


enjoyed the fact they made the front page of the Irish Daily Mail





Pretty idiotc on Doyle’s part but fuck Varadker the absolute fucking spitoon.


The whole thing is pretty funny, but fuck leo tbh, (still waiting for the 32 county socialist Republic that we deserve)


This is no longer the thread



UK/Ire/European dates announced for May. (probably a Primavera shaped hole in that schedule too, right? Friday night?)


What’s galvanisers yard like Glasgow people?


The yard is the outdoor bit I think, The XX played there a few months ago:


It’s a fucking great spot


That’s the Sunday of a bank holiday weekend as well, if the weather is good that’ll be incredible.


Just saw them in a great little theatre in Dublin, tempted to go to this big outdoor show as well but it obviously won’t compare


Yeah, should be a fucking great night


I reckon Sonar is more likely


oh thank fuck a proper berlin show, might finally see him