LCD Soundsystem


Saw The XX there in August and it was actually excellent, though the nice weather definitely helped. Not too big but big enough in a nice area of the city etc. Was very impressed


Just want to say if you’re thinking about it then get some tickets, they were spectacular at Alexandra Palace.


that font is terrible for the tour dates


it’s trump gothic pro i’m pretty sure, if anyone wants to know what font not to use on their next tour dates poster


Tickets on sale now for SWG3 gig, I’ve got mine :+1:


FUCK!!! panic


Yusss got mine too!


Phew, got em. Totally shat the bed there thinking they’d be sold out. £50 tho? Come on now :roll_eyes:

Got Four Tet tickets too. YAS.


Gig prices are getting crazy, I can’t get used to it


Really hoping How Do You Sleep is in the setlist by next summer


Yeah, I mean they have me over a barrel because I’m a fanboy but it’s really not on.


The average indie gig seems to have stayed consistent (still get to see Japanese Breakfast for £10, Kurt Vile for £15 etc) but the headliners have jumped from £25-30 to regularly being near £50 in the last year or so. It’s painful


Yeah, this. I paid bloody £45 to see At The Drive-In… at the ACADEMY!


£22 for Four Tet this morning, I’m ok with that I guess.


Word in the street is that there should be some other good bands added to the bill


£45 this year each for National, Bon Iver (cancelled but still) and QOTSA (only one I’d expect to be that high). Couldn’t even contemplate the prices Radiohead are charging now.


No gig pals into LCD round here so it’s too much for me to drop sadly


You got any names? Like… “rhymes with Pot Ship” as an example?


Yeah, in hindsight the day ticket for TRNSMT last year was a bargain. Think it was like £60 for a festival lineup (albeit a pretty gash one) and I reckon Radiohead would be up at something like £80 now.


The hanshotfirsts featuring the Lo-Pan experience


James Murphy is going to be shitting himself having to go on after that firestorm!