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Monday night added for Glasgow


Thought this with Ally Pally, but the show totally vindicated the price in that case - you’ll probably come away thinking it was money well spent. I’ve started bowing out of quite a few tours for this reason though.


Got ma tickets, but agree with £50 being a tad ripe. Support better be fucking good, the bar heavily staffed - I was driving when we saw them at the barras. Also the weather better be glorious. That’s not too much to ask, surely?


If anyone has a spare ticket for Glasgow on Sunday May 27 please let me know. Turns out I will be there for it. Cheers.


Have a look on Twickets, I signed up for alerts for it a while ago (can’t go anymore) and I keep seeing tickets going up.


There’s a pair of tickets for the Sunday on there now, I’m sure that some single tickets will go up during the next few weeks.


Cheers both!


Still no word on support?


shit robot


he was only asking a question

(this worked better before I realised it wasn’t theo who was asking)


also Lykke Li in Dublin but dunno about everywhere else


oh, i only saw shit robot for mcr and assumed it was the same for the whole tour also thought i was replying to theo @jamos


If you don’t already have one, there’s a single one on twickets now:


That’s not a very attractive link, but it should work.


For anyone going to the Glasgow gig on Sunday 27th, there’s an afterparty in the warehouse featuring “LCDJS”. Tickets are pretty steep though (£20).


They’ve finally started playing How Do You Sleep


Nahhh, I’ll be buzzed enough from the gig I reckon.

Have they announced a support?


Cynic in me says they didn’t play it as they knew it would be the fan favourite from that record and they could flog tickets to the same fans in the same cities the next summer by holding it back


That said, I missed them last year and will be hitting up their gig in Lyon in the amphitheatre there and I’m very excited :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::fire::fire::fire: