LCD Soundsystem


That looks amazing and I am not jealous in the slightest…


I saw Portishead there a few years ago, what a venue! Not sure if you have been before but one of the funniest things is that everyone throws their seat cushions on the stage if they like the gig.


^this re: support for Glasgow, what are they waiting for? Surely they know by now as it’s only a couple of weeks away…


Awesome! No, I’ve been to Lyon but never to the festival! The pit is definitely standing so I’m very much aiming to be there. A seated LCD gig seems a bit strange to me (even though everyone in the seats will definitely be up and dancing pretty soon I’m sure)


Sure someone upthread said Shit Robot but haven’t seen that confirmed. Plus with the other gigs SWG3 are putting on around the same time and the price of the ticket I was expecting a 3/4 band lineup of good stuff, maybe that was expecting too much?

Would love to see Museum of Love but they’ve been dormant for ages haven’t they?


I was hoping for someone like YYYs tbh!
Obviously it’s wishful thinking now given they would have announced it ages ago if it was, but for the price of the ticket I would expect something more than Shit Robot.
Barras last year with LCD and Joe Goddard was £30-£35? Seems relatively reasonable vs £50 for LCD + SR


Doors are at 6pm, so I’d be hoping for at least two support acts.


If it was YYY’s I would absolutely burst! That would be amazing.

Can’t be though, something as big as that would be hyped (they still haven’t sold out the second day) and YYY’s could pull a crowd that size up here themselves so you’d think promoters would be dying to put them on their own night and make a healthy profit.

Yeah, I agree with this. But I also wouldn’t be surprised if the 65% hike in ticket price is purely down to promoter greed because they know they’ll get it rather than punters actually paying for a decent lineup at the gig.


Support for Glasgow is Shit Robot and Young Fathers.

Was at SWG3 yesterday and they had flyers with Young Fathers on the bill. So that’s cool. Saw them once around the time Dead was out and they were excellent. Been hearing very good things about their latest tour as well.


Excellent! Not seen them live before. That has made my Monday


oh ya pig!!


trying to book two tickets for this using a gift card from a pal and jesus, the site keeps failing saying “it’s not you, it’s us”. very good.

see if we miss out on this, i’ll lose my shit.


got tickets for Monday, at last, thank fuck


Awesome! That for both nights I take it? Ta


Saw it on a setlist the other day and did genuinely think “maybe I should go again after all”

I’m not going to though. I think.


Think so, aye.


nice of your mate and jesus to get you vouchers though !


Have a spare ticket for Glasgow tomorrow, DM if interested


How Do You Sleep totally delivers live


Someone Great absolutely destroyed me :cry: