LCD Soundsystem


Must’ve seen them live 5 or 6 times over the pre-split years (2004-2010) but they seem absolutely on fire this last tour. The 2017 Glastonbury show i saw on Tv was easily the best i’ve ever seen them. What do our other readers think? Is there some consensus among the LCD hardcore that this is some kind of peak? I mean the Madison Square Garden show was amazing but more for what it was, than the actual playing i think. I’ve seen them do a stinker once or twice; supporting Daft Punk in 2007 at Wireless Fest in Hyde Park springs to mind.


Tbf, I’ve been seeing them every other tour since the debut came out, they may have added to their stage setup and there’s maybe one or two shows that stand out above others but they’ve always been ridiculously good so no, I wouldn’t call this a peak. Just consistently great live.


I’m just delighted they’ve finally ditched that New York I love rack from the end of their sets. Christ that was alsways such a downer.




Aye, think they’ve strill been doing it on some shows but for the most part it seems to be gone to make way for other songs.

(set spoilers)
:-1: - no Losing My Edge

:+1: - Yr City’s a Sucker is in the set


I loved that at the Barras show last year, was really glad to get that in the set.


Only seen them once (last September) but they were absolutely immense. Everything Id hoped for.

Wish I was seeing them on this leg, if only for ‘How Do You Sleep’


Same, was almost enough to tempt me to see them again next week but it’s an inconvenient day anyway. Delighted we got I Used To last year though which they seem to have dropped already


I was at that Glasto gig. It was astoundingly good. Despite the horrors of the weekend, Brexit, the weather, Muse; they were still the best band of the weekend by a country mile. As last act on the Sunday night.
They should have played Friday and they might have saved the weekend for me.



They played this in Glasgow the other night, it was great (Tonite was the best song of the gig though).


That Glasto set was immense but also the quietest I think iv’e ever seen a gig at the other stage. Christ imagine choosing to see fucking coldplay over lcd, fucking idiots. Anyway, more space for us all tyo have a wee dance I guess.


Was looking forward to that cover but not sure it sounds very good from that clip


The 1st half of the last pre-split tour in 2010 had virtually nothing from This Is Happening. That was probably the worst I’d seen but, mainly because they didn’t play Home or Dance Yrself Clean and I really wanted to see them live.

It does seem like the best time to see them is on the 2nd half of a tour when they add some newer stuff in.


that’s weird, similar to the start of the American Dream tour. it must take them a while to get to grips with new material.


Losing my edge works brilliantly live. Hope they bring that back at some point


This is Happening wasn’t released at the time of those dates though (I think it had leaked, but wasn’t properly out), and I’m sure I remember reading Murphy saying around that time that he wouldn’t play loads of new stuff if the audience didn’t know it yet.


The instance on playing everything live probably means some songs take longer to get properly sorted than it would for acts that allow themselves to use laptops and loops at times.


LCD were awesome in Dublin last night.
How Do You Sleep was just wow.
No losing my edge, but Yeah and yr city’s a sucker were nice throwbacks.


Brilliant in Manchester as well. Murphy was on top form.