Le eve of Wed

Alright all. I’ve got the big light on.

Just heard the beep that means the dishwasher is finished. Can’t be bothered to unload it yet though and will wait until the contents are dry… That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

How about you? More banal updates throughout the evening.

Following on from daily thread

What do you call the time waiting for your lateral flow test result to appear?

Latty dread


Look how big my auntie’s tree is

Biggest tree I’ve ever seen


Having a co-op pizza. Maybe have a beer/cocktail and early night.

Was in a bit of a mood with gf for something, now she’s kinda undone the thing so its hard to be in a mood with her but still a bit peeved she thought it was ok.

My boyfriend told me he didn’t want any xmas decorations up apart from my very small tree that I already put up. The only decorations he has are a few very small trees, like a decoration that you would hang on a tree that is in the shape of a tree, and others of comparable size, so it’s not like I’d be putting up lights or tinsel or anything big.

He’s gone out so I’ve just gone round the living room hiding them all round the room. See how long it takes him to notice. :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:


Looks big. Could be a small auntie.


Off to the gym

I am drinking beer in the kitchen, listening to music and doing various chores and seeing how long before my family notice and call me to do something else

Yeah you’re right actually, will investigate and get back to you

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I’ve been enjoying the Arab Strap Family Christmas Album


Chippy dinner tonight - battered sausage and chips. Feeling a bit forlorn about everything that’s getting cancelled, even though I know it’s for the right reasons. My last gig of the year that was meant to be this Saturday is postponed, but there was some I didn’t have tickets for that have been cancelled too - Gemma Cullingford tonight and Beach Riot tomorrow. Ho hum.

Why is it that the hand sanitizer in Sainsbury’s smells so bad? It smells of a regrettable shot of holiday booze


Is that you decorating or is it another disser?!

Its her partner, he’s not even the same ethnicity as me :smiley:

Just listening to the “no local news for you “ wave sounds on iplayer - so much more relaxing that the steel band

My arm is sore, having a beer. Got a pizza for tea. Need to come up with a plan for the evening but I’m coming up blank again. Howard’s End is not as good as Room with a View BTW, why do I find it so hard to choose a film to watch now? New films feel risky for some reason but I’ve seen all my faves so many times.

Is it because someone accidentally added a zero to the quantity on the limoncello order?

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think music is re-fucked for a lot of artists. loads of venues and promoters freaking out and pulling stuff for spring.

Feels like gigs in the spring is all I have to look forward to right now

same. been getting some very worrying news from tour manager pals this past few days. genuinely think UK infrastructure in live music at anything above grassroots is going to be five years to come back, and of course that will have impact on grassroots

Supposed to be at a gig.

I am not at a gig.

Going to have a wine and watch the second Matrix movie instead.