Le eve of Wed

lot more time for that film than most people would give it.

the third is genuinely a warcrime but 2 wasn’t so bad


Supposed to be going the pub for a few hours tomorrow with work. This will also involve a short train there and back. I’m not boosted yet, they both are. Traveling to parents next Thursday for Christmas.

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Started s3 of the King of the Hill


I saw the second one at the cinema, and haven’t seen it since. I genuinely remember very little about it, other than it left me feeling a little befuddled. Quite looking forward to checking it out again though.

I’ve never seen the third one - that’s tomorrow night’s viewing…

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french baddy is one of the best sci fi baddies


Evening troops.

Going to play some xbox tonight and plan my new podcast. Nothing much else going on tbh.

Work is kicking my tiny little cute arse so a break next week is needed.

Oh I’m getting my booster tomorrow

Chicken Kievs went off on 13th Dec

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Don’t mess with out of date chicken


Cleaned up some nasty looking mould, had a nice chat with my aunt, booked my booster.

Some other bad stuff.

Not hungry again.

Did a cheeky little run home from work. Got some fancy fishcakes in the oven. Prolly gonna have a bath and play some nintendo. Maybe even watch some television shows if i’m feeling wild.

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Had pie and mash for dinner. Wasn’t particularly looking forward to it but it was much nicer than I expected.

Might have a mince pie.

Other than that, I’m on dog entertaining duties again.

Feeling pretty ill but just done a negative lateral flow so that’s good I guess. Had Kiev, croquettes, chilli cheese bites and peas for tea. Might go to bed.

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Why is everyone suddenly in the pocket of big kiev


I was never out of it.

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I’d quite happily be in the pocket of big mini Kiev. Do they cancel each other out, am I in the pocket of Kiev? Big kievs are good, but not as good as mini kievs. No time at all for fancy posh chicken kievs you see every now and then

bought tix for wales/france rugby next year. suddenly feeling less angry; that will be good craic

This is the stupidest thing ever posted on here.


Spent all day being ill due to my booster then had to get an emergency dentist appointment cause my teeth have been hurting so bad since 2 fillings about 6 weeks ago so I had to go get them shaved down which was very much Not Fun.

Feeling so down in the dumps tbh m8s soz


Never had a kiev


Booster solidarity :facepunch:

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