Le Guess Who 2017

Does anyone have experience with this festival? It looks good…

Ridiculously good lineup for 110 Euros, and with more announcements to be made. Must find someone to go with.

Me! I’m going but only fri-sun

Oh really? You got accommodation or anything sorted?

No. Going with Kieran, welcome to join!

Aye, that’d be ace!

line-up looks siiiiccckkk

Probably should go since I’ve not really got much in the way of festival plans this year.

More the merrier!

Went in 2014, fantastic festival, great town to visit. Going again this year

i went last year. it was brilliant. go to it!

the main venue place is absolutely ridiculous as a venue (i.e. ace)

The line up looks pretty amazing, just wondering how far apart venues are, how full they get? Would be a shame to get there and realise you spend most of your time travelling between venues etc…

The main venue has 3 (maybe 4) rooms in it. Then there’s a couple other venues within 5 minutes walk, and just one that’s a bit of hassle to get to (I think 20 mins walk). Went the year autechre played and had no problems getting to venues. Highly recommend it is a festival, would love to go back one year. And there’s some great bars in Utrecht!

On board with that line up. Does seem to fill an ATP sized hole in the calendar.

can’t go again this year but really recommend it. probably my favourite festival set-up, loads of great stages and spaces. Utrecht is really lovely too

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Sounds very promising :slight_smile:

This is a really great festival and a bargain at this price, this years initial line-up is particularly stonking so I think I’ll go for the whole thing.

I remember being amazed by people forming an orderly queue to get to bars. And just wondering around inside Tivlo Vredenburg is ace. I walked in to a weird tiny sunken room which just had three people playing huge anolog synths to an audience of two.

Big shout out to the Railway Museum in Utrecht too which is one of the best museums I have ever been to.

Another awesome museum!

That lineup is amazing. My housemate has been a few times and raves about it. Would love to go this year.

The more the merrier!