Le Guess Who 2017


I just booked


I’ll be back for 6th year. It’s an ace festival.


I’m going to this. Does anyone know when they normally announce additional artists?


off to this on the same weekend

might still go on the thursday though ? its great


New additions :heart_eyes:

So pleased Ex-Easter Island Head are playing.



getting thursday tickets, gutted i wont be seeing oumou sangare
chance to see 3 different thurston moore projects in a weekend though :smiley:


The final line-up is out now. Some nice additions.


So happy Dalek have been added


Yeah, DiS are media partners. Have been for two years. It’s a wonderful wonderful event - really fantastic. http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4150682-no-one-wants-it-darker--dis-does-le-guess-who-2016



Can’t believe Vampillia are playing. Never thought I’d get to see them. Incredible!!!


The stage times are out. Some horrid, horrid clashes there.


urrgh, yup- horrid. they should start the day earlier and finish later, way too compact.

and the aboriginal art museum shut :frowning:


Agreed on the start times, not having a full day Saturday is weird af


There’s an unannounced act playing the Thursday at Grote Zaal. I’ve just noticed a Bjork track has recently been added to the Le Guess Who Spotify playlist…


There is one as-yet-unannounced act per day. My bet for Friday is the Residents because they have a free day between Lille on the 9th and Copenhagen on the 11th.


So fuckin pumped for vampillia followed by dalek


oh my god <3


Might be worth leaving le voicy Bulgarians early and seeing mean mark kozelek for a bit if it’s bjork playing the Thursday set


It’s a remix by the artist Rabit of a Björk song they added to Spotify playlist. Rabit is added to line-up to replace Avey Tare: http://leguesswho.nl/lineup/rabit