Le Guess Who 2017


reckon i’m gonna try getting to the rietveld schroder house on friday. last time i went a little out of town, for the football, got lost, cold and scared!
oh and some good bands are at le mini who, so that too


If anyone is up for a little cycle out to Oproer Brewery they have a vegan restaurant there which is A+


Gonna see DUDS at Le Mini Who


Me too. Iguana Death Cult are unmissable as well (saw them play around 3 weeks ago here in London).


I’m gonna do Lombok for sure (or is that Saturday?)
Train museum is obv a must too


Forgot to check the lineup of this. Have you seen the record fair as well?


Yeah, I was told last year it was expensive to get in, is that right? Actually that may have been to have a stall there I can’t remember. Not too bothered either way.


Not sure, there’s so much on the normal lineup I’ve not looked into much else (bar Lombok)! Anyone else on the mini who lineup that you’d recommend?


€14 entry fee for the record fair.


You can use following promocode to save some money:

Worked for me.
That’s €2.5 more to spend on records!

So, yes, I’m going to fair and festival (full 4 days).

My schedule:

Green = definitely seeing
Green/blue = I’ll try
Blue = wishful thinking


Wasn’t aware there was a clashfinder.

Tom Rogerson is a recent find and really looking forward to him.

It’s annoying that dalek and vampillia are playing at a venue that’s miles away - reckon it’ll really affect their attendance


I’m renting a bike during my stay. 10 min drive between Tivoli and dB’s.
But yes, some of my choices are made to avoid driving back and forth all the time. Really wanted to see Coby Sey, but there’s a 40 min gap after GAS and there isn’t anything to do inbetween in that neighborhood. But Pissed Jeans is always fun as well, so.

Anyway, I’ve been to the festival (and record fair) before, great atmosphere there, really looking forward to it all again.


Would strongly recommend renting a bike! It’s an incredibly bike-friendly city/festival (obvs)


I’m planning on getting too drunk to ride

(Might do a bike ride in Amsterdam Friday though)


That’s the beauty! You can ride as drunk as you want and nobody will care or notice


Worst case, someone films it


Nobody will stop me falling into a canal though either


Bus number 8 is the one going between Vredenburg and De Helling.


Feeling really smug about booking a hotel directly opposite the main venue rn


Thx bbz x