Le Guess Who 2017


I’m doing the Record Fair as well, I think last year I was there for 5 hours and I was only 2/3 the way through it. Gonna get the bus back as will definitely go over my weight restriction on a plane.
The first record I picked up was the Sugababes debut lp for €1, that was worth loads of cash.


Might heckle Mark Kozelek for not wearing a poppy


Suuns rumoured to be one of the Sunday secret bands. The singer is/ was apparently at Ekko tonight. This may be bullshit; just passing on rumours.


fairly outraged @jordan_229 didn’t give that a like, TBH.


Called it.




Was grouper good?


Dunno didn’t see her.

Bloody well excited about Vampillia and Dalek tonight lads


Grouper was lovely. I think it was a similar set to the one she did at the tin tabernacle earlier this year,


You were standing near me then.


Judging from that I’d guess you were the other side of the bald man getting his groove on



I was level with keyboards dude.


Yeah. Surprised you didn’t notice the bald guy getting his groove on.

Who you seeing today?


Mayflower Mayhem, DUDS & Iguana Death Cult at Le Mini Who.

End of Kevin Morby>Shabazz Palaces>Pharoah Sanders>Ex Easter Island Head>bit of les Amazones d’Afrique>Moon Duo>Ben Frost>??

Pissed of at missing Jambinai and Brian Case though.

How about you?


Only saw Ben Frost of those!

Vampillia were absurd. Glad I made the trip.

Mozart’s Sister and Perfume Genius are my only certs today


I didn’t see half the things I planned to yesterday.

Today I am aiming for Julianna Barwick, Sarah Davachi, Alice Coltrane thing, Juana Molina, Mary Margaret O’Hara, Perfume Genius, Sun Ra Arkestra and the 2 ? acts. Let’s see if i even see of those.

Julianna Barwick in an hour though.


Did people see Sun Kil Moon? How was it?


I got here for Mozart’s Sister and sticking around for Julianna. After that I’m not sure until Perfume Genius


I am quite jealous of you people who are at this.