Le Guess Who 2017


Juana Molina was pretty fucking good


She was indeed.


Wonderful weekend. VMO/Vampillia definitely my highlight, as this photo suggests


Will write more later


i saw 3 bike crashes in 4 days.
music highlights (not saying the bike crashes were highlights!)- grouper, altin gun in the lombok wooden shed, weyes blood, ibaaku, pharmakon, linda sharrock.
at ekko, ibaaku had a dance next to me to finish his set. pharmakon in the same venue wasn’t so friendly, gave me a stare and barge. classic pharmakon. thought st vincent was one of the Sunday mysteries, being out dancing at the end of red light radio disco. anyone go helling for the afterparty? not me



VMO/Vampillia (the whole thing but especially the latter playing Endless Summer and lots of hijinks surrounding the former including ladders and overhead pressing the singer)
Perfume Genius being utterly incredible
Moor Mother
Mozart’s Sister
Some band at le mini who that sounded exactly like A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Mojitos from the downstairs bar
General vibe
Lots of other great bands


My highlights:
Ex-Easter Island Head (they were “holy shit” incredible)
Julianna Barwick
Perfume Genius
Roy Montgomery
Marisa Anderson
Sun Ra Arkestra
Richard Youngs
Jerusalem In My Heart
Iguana Death Cult at Le Mini Who


Also, King Khan bezing a really sound dude, talking to everyone and seeing all the bands. He shared a taxi back from the after party at Helling with my friend and they were singing Elvis songs on the way. Sadly I was too tired to go to myself.


Got an excellent selfie with King Khan, John B (their drummer) and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe outside our hotel


Totally love this festival. Bit gutted that I couldn’t see Les Mysteres De Voix Bulgares (who I wanted to see most) due to the venue being at capacity about 30 minutes before they were due on, but happy to let that slide on account of the fact that Jerusalem In My Heart was wonderful (though the guy with the Israeli flag? Yeah, fuck that guy). Also missed a few other acts for similar reasons but usually there’s something else to go and see, with the exception of Sundays where there’s generally less stuff going on and music starting earlier.

Total swoon for Perfume Genius. Ahhhhh <3

Put me in a right good mood Le Guess Who did.


That’s ace!


Altin Gun in the windmill (wooden shed) were so great. Have had one of their songs in my head all weekend.

Ended up at De Helling until 4, it was so much fun! Bumped into loads of people I hadn’t seen since last year and danced with my pals who live out there.

What a place and what a festival. Think it’s just the best.


EEIH were so good too! Hertz is such an incredible venue for that type of thing. Pretty much every venue used for the festival was ridiculously good.


Can you remember the name of the band at Le Mini Who?

Fries with onions and peanut sauce needs to become a thing here. And kaassoufle!


@deadonthestairs it was Briana Molina. and agreed! Not sure about burger vending machines though


Briana Marela m8

Did you see her Jordan?


Yeah me and Kieran went when you were at Duds (I think?)


ach, I planned to go to that but waited nearly an hour for food at the Ethiopian place that was also in tiv/vre, it was empty too. they brought food immediately in tiv/vre.

only band I got to at le mini who was Petersburg orderer. enjoyed that, velvet underground/ belle and Sebastian vibez


Happily reminiscing about how good this was


Bought an early-bird for next year already!


just booked too, and ferry.

stena do London Liverpool street (or any greater Anglia station) to Utrecht, trains both ends and ferry for £110 return.

get on it for tha environment and adventure