Le Guess Who 2018



That’s what I thought. She’s chosen some good bands though and they shouldn’t have to take a hit because of her. If the allegations are true then they should just take her name off the posters and integrate the acts into the main programme.


Aaaand she’s gone


Recommend me some stuff on the line up to listen to then ladies and gents :slight_smile:


Fever Ray the day before seems to be cancelled :frowning:


Ebo Taylor cancelled due to poor health. Was thinking this would be my only chance to catch him. Bah. Hope he’s alright



Odd that Yvez is playing again.


Line up is banging now


True, though also seemed weird not to have him on the line up


Joan As Police Woman is doing a paid gig at De Helling on the Sunday. I’m surprised that she wasn’t on the bill.


Any listening reccys for this?


Might go to this now, but only for one day.

Should I attend on

  • Friday
  • Saturday

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Saturday has the “mini guess who” stuff starting midday so I’d go then. Least I think it was Saturday.


I can only go in the evening tbh, as I have family commitments during the day.


Having dug into it a bit, the line up seems very jazz/world heavy this year. Which is no bad thing, just perhaps less varied than other years looked. Also everything that Devendra Banhart picked is, perhaps unsurprisingly, wet as fuck


Was quite “world” heavy last year, which I enjoyed last year. Wasted friday seeing acts like Sun Kil Moon which I regret in retrospect.


I thought pat Thomas was going to be the Ghanaian pt, but it’s not. so i’ve gone from 2 great Ghanaians to none.

you heard 700 bliss from the Saturday? might be up your street


I’ve just realized the massive record fair is on the week after this year.


The timetable is a nightmare. So many clashes.


The Midori Takada vs Hailu Mergia clash is a right bugger for me :frowning: