Le Guess Who 2018



think i’m going either friday + saturday or saturday + sunday or all 3


I am (and will be) wearing a bright oranje gilet all weekend as it’s the only warm item of clothing I have brought with me. Say hi if you see me.


those that went, how was it? Very interested in this for next year.


Full review to come, but bloody brilliant and recommended without reservation


Only went on Saturday evening, but had a pretty good time. Best acts i saw were Oliver Coates, Islaja and Kikagaku Moyo. Also saw King Ayisoba, Orchestra Of Spheres and Gaika. Couldn’t get into the venue for Midori Takada and FACS.

Two good, two bad observations about the festival:

++ security, or the total lack of it. No bag searches, no ID checks, no attempts to dampen the crowd’s enthusiasm. Perfect.
++ finding out that the old Tivoli (now called Kytopia) is still in use. So many fantastic memories of that place.

– the new Tivoli Vredenburg. Too cramped, too hot and a layout that’s virtually impossible to navigate. Especially when one of the escalators broke down.
– a timely reminder that Dutch people are pretty tall. I’m not used anymore to be surrounded by giants, blocking a clear view of the stage.

Depending on the line-up, may go again next year.


Interesting you say that about the Vredenburg, I thought it was really well organised and not too busy two years ago. The layout was a little odd mind (which meant that was a DJ area/bar that virtually no-one went to, but that ended up being good when I needed to chill out).

Really want to go back again and would highly recommend it. Probably won’t do next years though as it crosses over with month-end again.


It’s not the organisers fault as such, there isn’t much they can do about the layout of the building, or the lack of aircon. Most of the bars in T-V were rammed until well after midnight. Maybe it was extra busy because of it being Saturday night as there seemed to be a lot of people exchanging a day ticket for a wrist band.


Saturday was way busier than any other day


Fair point actually - I was at a venue three km out for Vampillia/Dalek for most of Saturday night when I went so I probably didn’t notice.


Circuits Des Yeux was one of the best things I’ve ever seen


the ones I most enjoyed were faka (basis is a great raving space) and serpentwithfeet. was most excited for Georgia anne Muldrow, so her cancelling was a downer.


Here’s what I thought of it. http://drownedinsound.com/in_depth/4152144-a-celebration-of-sound--dis-does-le-guess-who-2018