Le Guess Who? 2019

First announcement coming soon. I’m hoping to be able to attend this for the first time

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Great set o’ curators

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here he is

Yeah nice. Hoping for/expecting Fennesz, Earth and King Midas Sound on The Bug’s side, which already makes it pretty spicy for me.

Right then gang it’s about time I start planning for this. Firstly, can anyone recommend any nice but also affordable hostels or hotels that they have stayed in before? Money is fairly tight but am able to splash out a little bit.

Look who’s touring Euripe in mid-November. Fingers crossed for both bands.

There isn’t many hotels in Utrecht and they fill up really quickly for the festival. i.e. Most will
already be full. Get something booked very soon or you’ll be staying outside of the city.

Noted, thank you. Any specific hostels or hotels you can recommend?

Not really, hopefully someone else can help.

We ended up staying in a roadside Holiday Inn, or similar, outside of the centre, as the only affordable option last year. Think there are hostels available but I haven’t looked into it. One friend booked a cheap hotel but it was already fully booked when others went to book it a few days later. Others have booked an Airbnb, which also become scarce pretty quickly

Is it one of those festivals where there’s stuff going on on the days before and after the official event, like at Primavera Sound?

There’s a bunch of satellite events, but if I remember correctly, they mostly occur within the official days of the festival. Plenty of time to see Utrecht during the day and by wandering around the different venues too

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okay great, sounds good. I’ll get somewhere booked up ASAP. Am going solo so should be nice and easy. Cheers for the help!



The stuff that I know on there, I really like. Need to crack on and get my accommodation and ticket booked!

loads and loads of stuff i haven’t heard of. this is exciting
got 6 months to listen to it all

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Visible Cloaks, Yoshio Ojima & Satsuki Shibano

Fuck me that’ll be good

Ahhhh that is such an exciting lineup. So sad I can’t go this year.

Really want to go to this but just can’t plan that far ahead at the moment due to life stuff.

Anyone know if it tends to sell out or is there a chance to pick up a ticket in say October?

Anyone know if Airbnb might be a decent option?

Have you been before? I’d really appreciate any general info on what it’s like as an event/experience.

looked at Airbnb last night, prices are very high.