Le Guess Who? 2019

pumped for principe

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Like last year, I’ll be going on Saturday only. Seems that day is mainly curated by Jenny Hval. Should be very interesting.

If anyone is still looking for accommodation, I’ve just cancelled a single private ensuite room at Stone Hostel (treated myself to a hotel in the end).

Are we expecting set times when the full line up is announced on the 17th?

Just booked flights so along with ticket and hostel, I’m ready to go! Not sure what to expect with this as haven’t been before but am hoping its gonna be great.

It’s so good, you’ve got nothing to worry about. The only minor gripe was queues to get in venues but other than that it’s brilliant

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Coil are on the spotify playlist, but not on the line up on the website? I’m confused.

Final announcement for this tomorrow!

Aldous Harding, Quelle Chris, Deerhoof and more added

Proper made up for Shortparis been on there. Don’t reckon the line up is as good as 2017, would still love to go though.

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Chuffed with the line up. I’ve been going since 2012 and I don’t think they’ll beat this line up. LGW15_Poster_September_1441284724_crop_559x790


They’ve definitely gone more alternative the last couple of years, maybe as a reaction to the festival growing. Even pretty niche stuff had queues outside, so I’ve no idea how they’d put on a band like Wilco anymore.

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When will set times be out?

Was right before the festival iirc.


All for Saturday, which is good as that’s the day I’m going.

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This line up is absolutely stacked. Already sweating about clashes

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Just spotted Nicholas Jaar’s new project in there*. Sweet.

*I mean, it was obviously there, but I just skipped straight to the list of artists before.

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feel like this festival is too good if anything

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Set times are out https://www.leguesswho.nl/timetable

Can someone make a clashfinder please

There’ll be one up very soon.

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Everyone should try and get to dBs for a gig