Le Guess Who? 2021

First announcement is here!


Looks like me and @CillaCrack’s hot ass are gonna be seeing Low and Bohren and Der Club ov Gore (amongst others)

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£120 for a four day ticket is just outrageously good value isnt it.

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Aside from Low not a huge amount I’m excited about, but either way nice to see festivals looking forward to next year.

you beauty

is this early bird prices or will it stay that cheap? feel like it cost more last year

I’m going to buy a ticket to this, fuck it. I need at least one thing in my (non-existant) 2021 diary.

There’s a better chance of this happening than the summer festivals for sure.

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Ooooh, Forest Swords just commented on their instagram so fingers crossed he’s in the next announce too

Pretty happy with John Dwyer, Phil Everum and Midori Takada curating

2021 curators: John Dwyer (@TheeOhSees)



Matana Roberts is a good choice too. Should end up with a couple CST artists. Might be too much to hope for GYBE…

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That’s brilliant. Is it across multiple venues in the city?
Does a ticket get you to everything?
John Dwyer and Phil Elverum as curators should mean some stuff right up my street.

yes and yes

Matana Roberts, Low and (presumably) Mount Eerie is a pretty awesome start.

Never been to LGW, always want to, but it’s pretty niche and I don’t know anyone who would travel to the Netherlands for a festival, let alone one with this kind of line-up. Hope that it happens one day.

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Guaranteed entry or risk missing out due to capacity etc.
How spread out are the venues?
Any recommendations of best areas to stay in city?

Sorry for all the questions.
This could catch a very ATP shaped itch.

Just buy a ticket. There’s a FB group and a WhatsApp you can join. DM if you’re interested.

And/or Microphones.

This guy right here.

Utrecht hotels can get very pricey during LGW. Best area is near the TivoliVredenberg or the University quarter.

Some venues are a pain in the arse to get to but most are quite central and a short walk from the TivoliVredenberg.

Exceptions are Db’s/WAS etc in the north of the city (never been) and De Helling in the South (bit easier to get to).

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Thanks Jack.
I sense you will be bothered for info now :grinning::+1:

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