Le Guess Who? 2022

First line up announcement coming later today!



Haven’t bought my ticket yet, but will be going. Looking forward to having a normal one after last year (please god :pray:)


You were right about Animal Collective curating!

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Pretty hyped for this. Looks like the LGW with the most well known acts since I’ve started going I think, which isn’t what I go for as such, but should create a bit of a different vibe to the others at least!

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I wonder if they’ve done this consciously after covid resulted in less money coming in. Maybe holding back some of the more obscure names

Yeah, they will be for sure. In my experience the later line up drops are mostly things which I’ve never heard of, and when it’s time to start digging. I’m not worried it’s going to be ATP Animal Collective 2010 or anything.

Oh hell yeah, this is a hell of a lineup for my first edition of the festival since moving to Utrecht.

Time just gets faster and faster

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Moor Mother & billy woods performing BRASS



What exactly is Curl? I can see it’s a label ran by Micachu and Coby Sey but also they’re down as an act?

’ Le Guess Who? curator collective CURL is made up of sonic eccentrics Mica Levi, Brother May, and Coby Sey, among others. A tightly-knit community of artists and musicians from the London underground, they formed with the intention of performing, selecting, and releasing music with interdisciplinary ambitions. For their Le Guess Who? performance, the left-field group will take the stage hostage with a ninety-minute set featuring music both from the collective and the solo projects of the members.’

I’ve been very fortunate to have gone every year since 2013. I also go to Rewire every year. The Dutch really have leftfield, take-over-the-whole-city festivals down to a fine art. Only Big Ears in the US compares (would love to go one day). I have to compromise a lot with my disposable income to pay for them, but they are both very special festivals.

Also seems much more inclusive than ATP was in retrospect (although I only went to a few).

Looking fantastic already.


If had the funds… and friends who listened to the same music as me, i’d be all over this.

Horse Lords, Les Filles de Illighadad, clipping, Jeff Parker, Billy Woods & Moor Mother, Bohren & der Club of Gore, EXEK, Goat, Injury Reserve, KOKOKO!, Low, OKI, Rats on Rafts, Wau Wau Collectif… ridiculous line-up! If only I could justify the trip over from Nepal…

Fuuuuck I wish I could go to this :cry: what a lineup

I’m going. Can’t wait.


86% sold out. Going to get a ticket now

Bag secured