le snack du banal

I had a curry from the co-op the other night and it was actually quite nice.



Read “curry” as “curly wurly”. Think it might be home time.

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there’s a pie and mash one that I haven’t yet brought myself to eat

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2 other colleagues have been moaning about work for about an hour.

had a noodle thing from there the other day and it was one of the blandest things I’ve ever eaten

Really want macaroni cheese now. Dinner is going to be so disappointing not being that :frowning:

Lidl’s knockoff bighams mac n cheese - the one that comes in a rectangular wooden tray

this might be the winner

I’m home and I have one!


Aranciata Rosa. She only got one packet!

Fucked it

Got some of these. Really like them but I don’t see them very often; usually in random corner shops in various London suburbs.


Need to know how cheap the offer is before I call yer wife an idiot.

£2.50 for 6. She’s on holiday (maternity) at the moment so may well go again.



On your 6 new additions to the family.