Le tour de France - 2017


I think it might be attacking whilst yellow jersey is at BBQ


Another day, another stage win for my fantasy team. Easy.


Losing 22 seconds over 400m suggests that maybe it would have been quicker to hop out of the saddle and run it.


well he has been known to


No it doesnt


How fast do you think they were riding up that last bit?

If I was as fit as Froome, I’d could run 400m in just over a minute, probably.


Didn’t watch but in a big kick they can go up even the biggest gradients at 20km/h+
And he wouldn’t be able to run 400m in a minute on that sort of slope


I genuinely doubt you could run 400m up that gradient in under 2 minutes tbh, and especially not after ~200km on your bike.


I might not have been 100% serious

(20kmph means that 400m would take you 72 seconds)


:grinning: it took Bardet 70+ seconds to cover the last 400m, no chance a fatigued runner is going to come close


In cleats :joy:


Taking a water bottle whilst in the no feed zone. Apparently Bardet does the same, but not penalised


bardet took a bottle from a spectator, but just to pour over his head


Still not allowed


Much like Bouhanni’s punch and Demare’s irregular sprint, I’m 100% certain that the lack of punishment has nothing to do with Bardet’s nationality


The point was whether Froome could have run it quicker than 92+ seconds.


no, he couldn’t’ve


guys, stop making le tour boring


Good stage that. Id be so pissed off I was kwiato or vas, putting those shifts in then seeing froome lose 25 seconds in 3 metres.

Aru was so happy to be in yellow in his interview: lovely to see.

George Bennett having the race of his life.


I quite admire them for the complete ‘its our fucking tour, fuck off foreigners we make the rules and ner ner ner ner ner’ attitude, least they dont ever pretend in any way to be neutral.